Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is less than a month away & like any other girl I'm always thinking of things I will want. Whenever someone puts me on the spot & asks me that question most of the time my mind goes blank. So in order for that not to happen this time I decided to make a little wishlist.

I don't even expect to get half of these things but it's always fun for me to look up all of the things I've been wanting & imagine myself getting them ;)

1. Kate Spade Handbags (Already Have) 2. The Age of Adaline DVD (Already Have) 3.Kate Spade Initial Necklace 4. Bath & Body Works Fall Candles (Already Have) 5. Vintage Cakes Cook Book (Already Have) 6.Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party Salt & Pepper Set (Already Have) 7. Modcloth Seedless Romantic Flats 8. Mac Turquatic Perfume (Already Have) 9. Kate Space Metro Black Strap Watch (Already Have)


  1. Love the turquatic perfume, my FAV.💕
    Good idea on creating a wish list, my
    mind goes blank aswell and im like
    "Uuummm idk" lol

    1. It's one of my fav it's too! Mines been almost done for so long & I'll try not to use it so I don't have to buy another lol. I hate when that happens. I even make a list of things I want to buy as far as makeup or else I'll forget lol


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