Clarisonic Mia 2 Review

Over a month ago I made a purchase that I'm so happy about. I got myself the Clarisonic Mia 2 in the shade Sunwashed Peach of course. The set came with a travel case, charger, extra brush head & a full size cleanser.  I had heard nothing but great things about this & I always wanted to give it a try for myself because I'm always looking for new ways to better my skin. Finally in July I made the purchase & I've been using it since. 
have combination to oily skin that is acne prone. I have redness along with enlarged pores & black heads. From time to time I'll have dry patches as well & I have a few dark spots from previous breakouts. I read that the Clarisonic helps with all those & I was excited to put it to the test. I began using this on July 24 & I haven't missed a day since. 
Once you have your Clarisonic you're suppose to charge it for a whole 24 hours straight, which I did. The Clarisonic Mia 2 has two different speeds to choose from. I've been sticking with the standard one which I believe it's the slower speed. Once you turn it on I like to start on my chin & nose area & you're suppose to move in circular motions for 20 seconds.  It even has a timer that will tell you when to move to the next area on your face. From the nose & chin I go to my forehead for another 20 seconds then 10 seconds on each side of the face such as the checks & jaw line. You use the Clarisonic for a total of 60 seconds on your face. I find it a lot of fun to do everyday. Once you start using the Clarisonic it's highly suggested to continue the use for every single day to keep a clean & clear face not just once in a while. To wash my face with the Clarisonic I use the refreshing cleansing gel that came with my set & I'm really loving it. 
Before I ordered my own Clarisonic I read some review & many girls said that once they started using it that it made their skin break out. This is common due to the fact that the Clarisonic in doing a deep clean on your skin pulling out all the bacteria & impurities from deep down in your skin out to the surface which causes the skin to purge "break out". Do not stop using the Clarisonic because of this! You're skin will go back to being clear & looking better than ever. 

I'm a bit nervous about sharing my pictures through this whole process. My skin is still not 100% perfect or clear but it's close & I can see how much my skin has came from back when I started using it. You can definitely notice a difference on my pores. 

*Please excuse some bad lighting from my bathroom lights.* 
Day one // Week one
(My skin was definitely purging.)
Day one // Week one
Week 2 // Week 3 
Week 2 // Week 3
Week 4 // Week 5
Week 4 // Week 5
Week 6

Overall I'm beyond happy with this purchase if I haven't said it enough already. I highly recommend it to everyone & anyone. It's became such a necessity in my skin care routine. I'll never not use it. I look back at these photos & can't believe how much my skin has changed for the better. I look forward to see how flawless I can get my skin to look ;)



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