January Favorites!

Its already the end of the month and I am going to be sharing a few things I have been loving. Last year I feel I was really committed to this blog when I first started it up and then once I started working again I slowly neglected it. I think I only shared a couple monthly favorites so for the new year I promised myself I'm going to post on here more and in doing that I want to make sure I try to post a monthly favorites every month.

The first thing I wanted to start off by sharing is my Macbook. I got this the very first weekend of this month. I am so happy to finally own one of these and because of it I am now able to post on my blog as frequent as I am. Owning a Macbook is so much different than a PC so I am still adjusting to all its features but loving every minute of it. Since I own this I am now so much more motivated to blog and stay active here. If any of you would like to share some tips on using a Macbook please feel free to comment below I would appreciate it and would love to continue learning about them.

Since the new year started I finally began using this cute little Q&A a day book. This book is so neat, everyday it asks you a different questions and it lasts for five years. So once I am done answering the very last question of the year I will start all over again answering the same questions a year later. It's going to be so cool seeing how my answers will differ from another in just a year difference. I've been really good at keeping up with it too so I'm really proud at myself for that.

I don't have too much makeup to share for this month, that's a shocker. I am trying to limit myself from makeup shopping since I already have a huge collection plus Rudy spoiled me rotten this Christmas and got me a big box filled with makeup. I also don't wear makeup on a daily basis and mainly only wear it on the weekends. I am still loving a lot of the makeup I shared on my last monthly favorites. I have however been enjoying these lipsticks I did receive for Christmas a lot this month. There is no specific colors I just grabbed a couple to share, but I have really been enjoying these two brand. First Lime Crime, I love this brand and have been a fan for almost 10 years now. I know many people have boycotted the company due to the recent incident that happened. Luckily I wasn't one of the few affected so I still remain a cautious but loyal customer. I love liquid to matte lipsticks and enjoy their Velvetine line. I recently got my hands on their newest shades so I've been rocking those as of late.

Along with receiving some Velvetines for Christmas I also got a few of Too Faced cosmetics 'Melted' lipsticks. They're the same concept as the Velvetines as they are a liquid lipstick. I've never owned any of these until I got them on Christmas and I'm really liking them. When they first released I remember swatching them on my hand and noticing how quick they disappeared so I thought it wasn't worth it. Surprisingly when I first wore one of these they lasted on me for hours! They also smell so good!! I am really happy to finally have some of these to add to my collection and happy that I actually liked them. The formula is really nice too not drying what so ever.

The very end of last month I ordered myself a new pair of glasses (prescription). I like the idea of having different styles of glasses so I can switch it up a bit. I started ordering some from this site Zenni since they have such amazing prices. They're all so affordable and really great quality. I finally purchased my second pair from them that I had been eyeing and they arrived the first week or so of January. I'm loving this pair. they're black so they go with anything. I have been wearing them non stop this month. I'm definitely going to continue purchasing from them for future glasses. I highly recommend this site and for any of you who use prescription glasses to check them out. It's worth it plus you're saving so much money too.

Since we are still in the middle of Winter here in San Jose we've been experiencing a lot of cold weather! Like I have mentioned here many many times I have oily skin so I don't really experience much dryness. Since it has been so cold I have noticed my skin (mainly my body, my face not so much.) has been so dry! I've been having to apply body butter on myself everyday if not I get really dry and itchy and its just so uncomfortable. Even with using body butter on a daily some days it just wasn't cutting it. One night while Rudy and I were watching some tv I saw a commercial for this Nivea 'In Shower Lotion' and became very interested. The next time we went out grocery shopping I made sure to go look for it and picked it up. This stuff is so cool, so you shower regularly and wash yourself with your regular soap then once you are done you rinse off and apply this to your body. Then rinse off once again. You guys, this stuff works great! As soon as I rinsed it off my body I already felt a difference. I dried myself off and it felt like I already applied lotion to myself, I felt so hydrated. I've been using this almost every day I will skip a day every once a while since this is so hydrating it'll sometimes last on my body for over a day. I don't even need to apply lotion afterwards because of how hydrating this stuff is. If any of you have dry skin and haven't tried this, go buy it you won't regret it. Plus they have two different options in Dry Skin and also Extra Dry.

My last favorite of the month are succulents. I've always really loved these plants but not until this month did I purchase my first two. I've been so excited for them and have noticed that one of them has already grown so much since I first got them! They're suppose to be very easy plants to take care of. I can't wait to purchase some more, they're really making me anxious for Spring and Summer!

What are you absolutely loving this month?



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