January Ipsy Bag! 2016

As many of you may know I am subscribed to the monthly subscription called Ipsy. Every month you receive 5-6 items (this varies) from beauty, skin care to hair care products and some items happen to be full sized. You receive one bag once a month for $10. I'm usually very happy with all the items I receive, most of the time. I haven't shared my Ipsy bag unboxing in a really long time so I have decided to share mine since I just got it in the mail today. I won't babble too much on this post so lets get on with what I got.

I am really excited for all the items I received this month, great way to start off 2016 Ipsy. I am probably most excited for the eyeshadow trio. Those are some of the colors I most gravitate towards and that matte burnt reddish shade is stunning! I have received a few products from City Color from Ipsy and I've loved them all so far.

The mascara I am not at all familiar with the brand 'Jelly Pong Pong', but it sounds pretty interesting. The mascara is called 'Fairy Lashes Curl' I want to see how great it works. No mascara holds the curl to my lashes at least none of the ones I own and have tried. My lashes are super straight no matter how much I curl them which is why I enjoy wearing false lashes.

I love chapsticks because you can never get enough. It is something I always use and always run out of. I need to keep my lips soft and moisturized because I love to use matte/liquid lipsticks and those usually tend to be very drying so I really enjoy when Ipsy sends me one. This one is by the brand 'Lasting Smiles', and it is organic in the sent peppermint creme. Can't wait to start using this one once I finish up my current one.

The next item I received is from the brand Pūr-lisse and once again Ipsy has sent me products from them in the past. I can't remember if I really liked them but I know I did't dislike their products. This is a under eye cream. I am definitely into these kind of products. I will definitely be trying out this product tonight. It says it helps with puffiness but I don't really have a issue with that.

Last item I received is from The Balm Cosmetics. This brand is one of my favorites. Ipsy has sent me a few of their products in the past also that I have never tried and now love. My first product I ever tried and owned from them were their Lou Manizers and those are one of my favorites. This is one of their fairly new I want to say 'Mr. Write (Now)' eyeliners. I have heard really great things about them so I can't wait to also try this out. The shade is in Jac which looks like a bronzy shade, a shade I gravitate towards haha.

Over all this has been a really awesome bag filled with things I am very happy and excited to try out. Every time I get a really good bag it makes me so anxious to see what will be in next month's bag!



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