Food Series: Sugarfina

Last week Rudy and I decided to go walk around Santana Row since it was such a nice day. It was really nice to walk around and browse through all these stores we hadn't been to in so long. I typically try to avoid this outdoor mall since it's usually really busy and I don't really like being in huge crowds of people. They do have some of my favorite places to go to such as Kate Spade for one, a French bakery that carries macarons, H&M and Sephora just to name a few. While we were walking around I came across this cute little candy shop 'Sugarfina'. I had seen photos of this place on Pinterest and I wanted to try them out. Obviously, I had to go in and check everything out. Everything inside was so cute and the employee was really nice. I had my eye on more than a couple candies but Rudy and I decided to only get two this trip so we can try them out first.

We picked up the Champagne Bears and Peach Bellini. I love champagne and this was the one that I had mostly seen pictures of making me very eager to try. I had shown Rudy the photos of it in the past and he agreed this one was a must to take. Of course, I had to get something peach flavored so I picked up peach bellini. I've been trying to decide which of the two is my favorite and I just can't come to a decision. They're both really good and I'm trying not to eat them all too quickly.

They have a huge variety of different kinds of candies it was a bit overwhelming since I have a major sweet tooth. There were tons of different options of gummy candies to choose from along with chocolates and much more! I can't wait to go back again to pick up something new to try. Prices weren't too bad considering this is a 'luxury' candy boutique but then again I suppose it would vary on what you'd choose.
Overall I am very satisfied with our trip to this pace and very happy that we discovered one really close to home too. This is a very short post but I just had to share this place with you guys. Also if any of you live near Santa Clara and never tried this place out now you know of it and can go do just that. Don't forget to let me know if you do try this place or if you have and share some of your favorites. I thought this was a really neat place to share with you and some may really like to pay this place a visit.


  1. Yummm! I love this, I been wanting to try the Champagne Bears too!

    1. They're really good and just perfect. I love snacking on a couple when I'm craving something sweet.


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