My Spring Essentials

It's officially Spring as of today and I wanted to share some of my must have Spring essentials. I'm so excited for warmer weather so I can enjoy all the cute outfits and accessories that come along with it.

My first essential for warmer weather is a SPF. During spring and summer I tend to be more exposed to the sun than usual, even though I try to avoid it at all costs. It is so important to protect your skin from all those uv's and it will keep your skin healthy and looking young. I normally use products that already contain SPF such as a moisturizer, primer or foundation. Last year I discovered this Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer with SPF 47, it's a face sunblock. I really like this product and it protects my skin really well and it has SPF 47 which is awesome. When I use a foundation that doesn't have any SPF I always use this underneath, I mix one pump with my moisturize. I have never noticed it leaving me with a white mask with flash photos either which is a plus. Before I owned the Josie Maran SPF I used the Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer that has SPF in it already, which is another favorite product. I would use this on a daily basis especially in the warmer weather and at Disneyland. I did notice that while I wore this at Disneyland that by the end of the day when I am back at the hotel and washing off my makeup that my cheeks were a bit rosy. The rosiness would be gone by morning but once I began using the Josie Maran I never saw the redness on my cheeks. Josie Maran's has a higher SPF and clearly protected my skin better while under direct sun. I'm not saying you have to buy this exact product because I know it can be a bit pricey, heck I am using a small one myself that came part of a value set. At the end of the day everyone should really use some kind of sun protection for their skin. The sun does make you age with time and who doesn't want to look young for as long as they possibly can?

I go sandal crazy in the spring every year. Once stores start to carry them I'm right there looking for that one that is calling my name. When I was younger I was way too shy and self conscious to even consider wearing anything that would show my toes but as I grew older I cared less about what people thought and more about how comfortable my feet would be in the hotter weather. I own tons and enjoy a wide variety of sandals. These are two of my favorite style of sandals and two that I recently picked up. A Birkenstock (Not the originals, the Target version.) ones and these strappy Mexican looking sandals. The Birkenstock ones are definitely my go to for comfort. When I first started seeing girls wearing these about two years ago now I thought they were one of the most ugliest shoes I had ever seen haha. I guess with time they kinda grew on me and especially once I tried on my first pair, it was love at first step! I honestly now think they are really cute and you can style them with so many different outfit choices. Same goes with the Mexican inspired ones. I own tons of sandals that look like these I just can get enough. I love wearing these with any outfits especially a dress. They will go with anything I am wearing. By the end of the day my feet are a bit sore though which kind of sucks. Beauty is pain right?

Pastel nail polishes are a must for me during this season. I like to have my nails painted pretty much always if possible. All the lighter shades complement all the plants in the garden so well along with the weather. I think nail polish is a fun way to accessorize. Brighter shades are my favorite to wear since I wouldn't typically wear those shades in colder weathers. (Darks for colder seasons and brighter for warmer.) My favorite shades to use for spring is peach, mint, lavender and a sky blue. Very Easter appropriate.

Fresh floral scented candles are perfect for this season. This may be no surprise to some but my favorite candles to have out for spring has to be anything peach. I enjoy the peach candles that Bath & Body Works carry, I usually only get my candles from there. I own both Georgia Peach and Peach Bellini, my favorite of the two will have to be peach bellini. This one I feel is a much stronger peach scent. Having these candles burning on a nice warm afternoon is absolutely perfect while laying in bed cuddled with Rudy and the dogs while we watch some Bobs Burgers. I can't wait for that.

A non peachy candle that I only recently became in love with is the lemon mint tea candle also from Bath & Body Works. For some reason this time they released this candle it kept calling my name but I think a lot of it had to do with the cup little tea pot on the front. I don't like anything lemon usually so I stayed away from this one and yet every time I would go in the store I would catch myself sniffing it. One day I woke up with the urge of finally owning it and now its quickly become a few favorite and I own a few of them. Funny how things happen.

Camera(s) are a must with warmer weather. I love to take photos pretty much all the time but more so when its nice outside. I like to go out more often on small adventures even if its only a town away. I recently got this Samsung camera and I love it so much. There is so many cool features to it that I'm learning something new about it everyday. This camera has really came in handy and it has different modes that you can take your photos in. Also look at the color, its mint! I'm also very obsessed with polaroid cameras and I love to carry around my instax mini. I've loved it since the day I got in the mail about three years ago and I think its so cool how they're been making a come back. Every time Rudy and I go on a trip such as Disneyland I always make sure to bring it with me. I love the fact that a physical photo prints out directly and it becomes a treasured memory. I have so many wonderful memories saved from these little films.

Lastly a large bag! I got this bag the very end of February. I knew I had to own it since I already had the matching wallet and it screams spring with the scalloped pattern on the top. This bag is beyond spacious and you will be able to fit more than a million things. I don't typically like too big of a bag since like I said on my What's Inside My Bag post I can tend to over flood my purses with unnecessary items. During these warmer seasons I make an exception. I am able to toss my sweater if I get too hot wearing it, carry my water bottle, even tons some snacks if Rudy and I decide to go to the movies. It also has plenty of space to add both my cameras if I wanted to so I can always be prepared if I need to snap some shots. I have been trying not to over do it on carrying a whole bunch of random things and I've been quite good at it too.

What are some of your spring essentials?



  1. You reminded me I need a new pair a sandals for spring/summer.
    Your camera is too cute I really like it.

    1. I have tons from past years and I still feel the need to get more ha ha. Thank you it reminds me of you.


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