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If you are a makeup addict like I am then you know that Too Faced cosmetics recently released their Summer collection which included tons of new and cute items. I got my hands on 3 of their new products one being the highly hyped up Sweet Peach pallet. I wanted to do a mini review on the products I picked up, share my thoughts on each item and how I'm liking them.
I'm starting off with the first item I picked up which is the Sweet Peach pallet. When Too Faced first launched this pallet on their website it broke the internet. I saw tons of girls on Instagram complaining how the website crashed and then sold out within minutes. Luckily I wasn't trying to purchase it yet I decided I wanted to wait until the pallet was released on so I could earn points towards my VIB Rouge status. Too Faced restocked the pallet once more on their website a few days later and the same thing was happening to their site but luckily I was able to get through to make the purchase. I know I just finished saying I wanted to wait until it hit Sephora but I cracked ha ha. I saw how high in demand this pallet was and I love every thing and anything peach this pallet literally screams me all over it. I got a little scared I wouldn't be able to get my hands on it when it did launch in Sephora. I looked at this as a sign that it was meant for me to make the order that day as silly as it may sound.

Once I received the pallet in the mail I was so excited and opened it up quickly! Like every Youtube guru said the pallet smells just like peaches, its a dream. (It even tastes like it too but I wouldn't recommend eating the shadows ha ha.) I love this pallet clearly since it's the first official peach pallet although I do have some disappointments about it. Considering myself the peach Queen *cough cough* I would have thought this pallet would of contained way more peach shades. There is a total of 4 peach shades in the pallet then a lot of browns along with a few pop of colors. I just feel that since it being a peach pallet pops of colors shouldn't have been a big necessity including that many brown shades. I do really like this pallet don't get me wrong but it would have been so nice to have a wide variety of peach shades to choose from. That is the only down side I have about the pallet.
I have used this pallet a few times already and all the shadows I have used has great pigmentation and color pay off. I haven't experienced any fall outs either but I haven't used every single shade yet or any dark shades. As of right now my favorite colors in the pallet is; white peach, nectar, peaches 'n cream, luscious, Georgia, candied peach, Bellini, puree and finally summer yum. I'm enjoying quite a few shadows and there is a total of 18 in the pallet. I can't wait to use this pallet for the rest of spring and summer. I am bummed out that the pallet is Limited Edition so once I am out of a shadows that is it and it makes me not want to use it too much. I'm hoping with the high demand Too Faced will eventually decide on making this pallet permanent.
The next two items I knew I needed to get my hands on once I saw sneak peak photos on Instagram. Too Faced released a new shade in their Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush and a brand new Sweetheart Bronzer. I already own two of the sweetheart blushes and absolutely love them. When I saw that they were releasing another peach shade I was even more excited. The bronzer looked really pretty and when seeing girls on Youtube showing it off and demoing it made me want it even more.
Lets talk a little bit about their second peachy product, the new sweetheart blush in Sparkling Bellini. How cute is that name! I got it in the mail this past weekend and was so excited to use it. I already had my makeup done for the day so I was able to use it yesterday. When you look into this blush you can see its in the same cute heart shaped box packing which I don't mind. A lot of companies get me to buy their products because of the cute packaging. The colors look very bright and loud, don't be scared the colors aren't as bright as they look but give you a  nice splash of color on your cheek. You can also use a light hand on applying this if you aren't looking for too much of a color pay. Using this yesterday gave the most prettiest peachy gold glow to my cheeks I loved it. Is it ok to say that I'm already obsessed with this blush? Since the blush contains three different colored stripes you can use one at a time, but I usually mix all three together which is what I did yesterday. What I love about these sweetheart blushes is because it is a mineralized blush it gives you a healthy glow. You can even choose to skip using highlight if you want since it gives you a stunning sheen. I love the formula to these kinds of blushes.
When I heard Too Faced was coming out with their very first sweetheart bronzer I was so ecstatic!! Like I just mentioned I love the formulation of the sweetheart blushes so I knew right away that I would love this bronzer. With the warmer weather up ahead I prefer more glowy bronzers over a matte one and this one is perfect and gives off that bronzy glow. This product is very similar to their blushes as it has more than one shade. The bronzer contains two shades; a lighter shimmery shade and a darker shimmery one. Neither shade contains glitter which I am happy about. I'm not usually a fan of any glitter on my bronzer, blush or highlight. The combination of the two colors mixed together is perfect. I love that the bronzer is a  more neutral shade and its perfect for my pale skin. This is also very pigmented so a little goes a long way. The bronzer was so easy to work and it blended very seamlessly, I can say right now this is probably going to be one of my go to blushes for spring and summer.
Overall I am and very satisfied with these products I picked up from Too Faced. I look forward to using these from here on. Did any of you pick any of these items up? If so, how are you enjoying them?



  1. I want, no I need the blush! hehehe.

    1. Yes you do! Lol you won't go wrong with either of their peach blushes (new or old one.) They're perfect♥

  2. Found this on Pinterest and I just wanted to say that I loved this post.


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