October Favorites

Happy Halloween! October where did you go? September was gone with a blink of an eye and now October has magically disappeared. Before you know it I'll be sharing my November favorites and we'll be counting down the days until Christmas. For today let's enjoy the last of October by talking about some of my favorites from this month.

First up is this OPI nail polish in the shade 'Yank My Doodle'. I have been obsessed with it ever since I purchased it earlier this month. One of my friends Mayra shared a nail polish very similar to this one and I went on the hunt for it. I didn't find the one she had but I came across this one. This burnt orange shade is a favorite of mine especially during October and November. It is the perfect fall shade. I have been wearing it almost all month long and I love it. I shared it on Snapchat and Instagram and so many of my friends loved it. I also get so many compliments on the shade while I'm out. This is one nail polish I definitely recommend everyone get for sure. I'm also very pleased that this polish actually lasts on my nails for a week before it starts chipping. You can find me wearing this polish in a few of my OOTD posts and you can really see it on my what's in my bag post.

This should come as no surprise that I have another candle to share with you guys this month. I purchased this Black Cherry Merlot candle from Bath & Body Works back in September but I didn't start burning it until this month. When this candle was first put on their shelves I was in love with it. The scent of this candle to me reminds me of grape juice which takes me back to when I was a kid in elementary school and my mom used to buy those Juicy Juice boxes. Do any of you remember those? They had a variety of flavored juices but this candle specifically reminds of the grape one. Clearly the candle smells amazing and burns so well. I've been trying to hold back from lighting it everyday. The fragrance notes consists of; dark cherry, black raspberry, and sumptuous merlot. I love this scent so much that I even purchased a couple of their hand soaps and a mini candle for my pumpkin Mikey candle holder. I'm going to have to pick up a couple more candles before they're gone.

My next favorite is the Black Magic themed Ipsy X Valfré bag. I was ecstatic when I found out Ilse Valfré was collaborating with Ipsy to design this months Ipsy bag! I love Valfré's art and I think she is incredibly talented. Valfré is well known for her spooky-cool illustrations and with Halloween being this month it was a match made in heaven to have her design this months bag. I love the color scheme, you have the duo-chrome looking pink background and black and white illustrations. I love all illustrations but if I'd have to choose it would have to be of course the Valfré witch girl, the Ouija board and crystal ball since I have a tattoo of those two. This bag is the best Ipsy has ever came out with and it's definitely my favorite one by far. I've been using this bag to carry my camera since the first day I received it in the mail. I know everyone has been going crazy over this bag so if you can still get your hands on it I wouldn't think twice.

I have a makeup favorite this month! I feel like I rarely talk about makeup anymore but that's because I haven't been buying any makeup lately. I honestly don't even remember when was the last time I even bought makeup and that says a lot. Since it's now Autumn I've been reaching for more of my darker lipstick shades. One lipstick I have been grabbing the most this month has been Taupe by Mac Cosmetics. If you recall I briefly mentioned on a past post that I no longer support Mac, I still don't. I do own a lot of their makeups and most of my lipsticks are from Mac. I do plan on using everything I own of theirs I'm just not going to purchase anything from them anymore. This is my choice and if you still support them that's fine. However that's not what this post is about. A couple of years ago I turned in tons of my empty products to Mac to get free lipsticks and one of the lipsticks I got was Taupe. This shade is stunning and a perfect fall shade. This lipstick is a reddish brown shade and on Mac's website it is describes as a muted reddish-brown taupe shade. This is a matte formula my favorite and I find it lasts for a good amount of hours on the lip. Like I said I have been using this lipstick nearly all month and that's because it goes perfectly with just about any outfit. If you're curious this was the lipstick I was wearing on my Pumpkin Patch and Witchy Vibes post.

I know I'm extremely late on this show but I am officially obsessed with Bates Motel! It was in the middle of the month that I decided to start watching the show and by the end of the week I found myself already on season two! When I first started watching the show I thought it was super weird right away but so interesting that I couldn't stop. I was so curious to find out what was going to happen next. I love Norman he has to be my favorite character from the show so far. Even though he is a bit psychotic, mainly during his black outs, I love how he's such a sweet young man. His devotion to his mom is different but you can see the love he has for her and everyone he befriends. You don't find many guys with that kind of respect and manners these days. This show is unlike all the other shows I have seen and thats why I really like it. It's so different and so many things keep happening especially to Norma. I'm trying to limit myself on watching the series because I don't want it to end, story of my life haha. It's going to suck waiting for season 5 to premier next year.

For my last favorite it's a song I've been absolutely loving all of this month. I've never shared a song as a favorite before and I'm excited to share this one. I love Sia and have been a huge fan of hers since back in 2004 when she first released her song called Breathe Me. Sia recently came out with her latest single called 'The Greatest' featuring Kendrick Lamar and I've been so obsessed with it. First of all it is such a great song and Sia really knows how to write amazing music. Second it was a dream come true that Rudy and I got to go see her live earlier this month. Hearing Sia sing this song live made me love this song so much more. I haven't been to too many concerts in my life but this one seriously took the cake. She was incredible! Also her dancer Maddie Ziegler is an incredible dancer. If you haven't heard the song yet here is the music video. Also the pin above I purchased at Sia's concert and I just love it so much!
What have you been loving in the month of October?



  1. So many goodies! I really thought I had the candle for the merlot but I don't. I'll need to pick one up because I was obsessed with that scent as the hand sanitizer and as the plug. People are still obsessing over the Ipsy X Valfré bag. People are paying more than 20 for just the bag on ebay.

    1. You have to get the candle I love it so much! I want to get a couple more and I saw yesterday that they have them in their holiday packaging! No way, are they really?? I haven't even checked eBay but wow people would.


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