What's In My Bag?

I figured it was time to do an updated what's in my bag since it was back in January when I last let you guys take a peek inside my bag. If you haven't checked out my previous what's in my bag click here. One major thing that has changed is the purse I'm using. I'm always changing from purse to purse. It is one of my favorite accessories to mix and match depending on my outfit. I am currently carrying my Marilyn Satchel Disney/Queen of Hearts purse from Harveys.

I was never a fan of the Harveys purses since most, if not all of their bags are made up of seatbelt printed patterns. Harveys announced in spring that they were coming out with a two-part collection of Alice in Wonderland collection. I admit I was interested to see what they would come out with. Once the first collection came there was nothing that I loved and I had a feeling that was going to happen. However, I didn't keep up with the brand on social media to know when the second collection would be launching. Apparently, the second part of the Alice in Wonderland collection had launched in August and sold out almost immediately.

It wasn't until Imelda received and sent me a photo of her bag at the end of September that I had completely fallen in love with it. That was also the first time I saw the print let alone anything from part 2 of the collection. Imelda did a little review on the bag make sure to check it out right here. The card pattern throughout the bag was so unique and something I had never seen before. Also, the red around the bag really makes everything pop. Everything about this purse is beautiful and I'm very happy I was able to get my hands on it.
Real quick let's talk about the purse. The shape of the purse is beautiful and the perfect size. I am able to fit a good amount of things inside. The pattern consists of characters from Wonderland inside a  card design. I love that they used the color red it looks beautiful against the white. I enjoy that the bag comes with the option to wear over the shoulder with the long strap or to hold it by the handles. On one side of the bag, you will see a card themed dangle charms which were such a cute addition. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the Mickey on the zipper handle! I loved it so much when I saw it for the first time. Inside the purse, you can find a whole new pattern design of Alice falling down the rabbit hole. I enjoy that its something only I would know of since no one else would really be looking inside my bag.
I don't carry as many things as I used to but then again this is always changing. I'm constantly cleaning out my purse and then I catch myself throwing things inside. These are the absolute necessities of mine that I must carry with me at all times.
Keys are a given and I have mine with me at all times. The Alice in Wonderland keychain of Alice and the talking flowers I got on eBay a couple of years ago and the Door Knob keychain is the Alice in Wonderland figural keychain I bought at Hot Topic. These come in a mystery pack and I was so happy I got the Door Knob like I wanted. I also got Dinah. If my outfit doesn't have any pockets most of the times my iPhone is inside my purse.
I'm still using my red scalloped Lily Avenue Kate Spade wallet that Rudy got me for Valentine's Day this year. I love it so so much and it goes perfectly with the red on this purse. I also carry with me a small cosmetic bag. Since receiving this purse I changed to this red quilted bag that I got on a previous Ipsy bag. Once again I think it goes perfectly with my purse and inside it contains the usual; phone charger, rubber bands, bobby pins, pen, and my peach hand cream from B&BW. A lot of the same things from my first what's in my bag post.

I always carry my Q/A x Chrisspy sunglasses in Jet Lag. I love these sunglasses and wear them all the time. This is the ideal sunglasses for me because of its style and shade. The matte black and a rose gold lens is beautiful and goes well with any outfit so I don't have to worry about changing them out. I love how well the lens blocks the sun because of how dark they are. I also love that the lens is so reflective and it is UV protected. Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses in their collection.

Blotting powder and chapstick are items you will always find inside my bag. Sometimes I like to touch up my foundation especially on those hot summer (California) days. I also need to have chapstick with me for when my lips are feeling a bit dry and I always have some kind of lipstick in my bag. At this time I have my mini Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lolita.

I like to always make sure I have mints in my purse. You never know when they will come in handy. Hand sanitizer wasn't something I used to carry until this year. I now find myself grabbing it a lot more especially while I am out running errands. This flamingo holder is from B&BW that came in a set of two. Imelda purchased them one day while we were hanging out and gave me one and she carries the other. These are so cute because I love flamingos and they are best friend sanitizer holders.
Lastly, 9 out of 10 times I carry around with me my Samsung WB380F camera. I love this camera so much, it does such an amazing job taking photos. Pretty much all of the photos I share on my blog were taken with this camera. Before I forget, I also carry with me a notebook to write down ideas of future blog posts or to do lists. My notebook is always going in and out of my bag.
There you have it all the items I carry around with me inside my bag. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know what are some of your must haves. Do we carry any of the same things?



  1. Twins! I love how everything goes so well with your purse. I'll be in the hunt for a red wallet for a while. P.S you've gotten so much better at lighting.

    1. Thank you! I got really lucky with already owning a red one haha. Thank you so much, that was a really good day for a photoshoot!

  2. your bag is a dream


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