Christmas Wishlist

It's that time of year again where kids are writing their Christmas list of all the toys they would like Santa to bring them. Can you believe the Christmas shopping has officially began? I for one love to go out and buy tons of gifts for my family and friends. It's really true what they say that giving is the best feeling. I felt it was only right for me to share with you my Christmas wishlist. 

1. STAK Ceramics Phone Vase/Dock (Already Have)
I've been wanting something similar to this where I have a set spot for my iPhone while I'm at my desk working rather than having it laying on my desk. When I have it on my desk I can easily sweep it off and there it goes flying to the ground. Another thing that always happens is I end up loosing it underneath all my papers and planners. I really love that this dock allows you to hook up your charger so you can charge your phone while it's being held. 
I love Zooey Deschanel! She is one of my favorite actresses. She is so talented, funny and has the best style. I really enjoy her music as well. I got her previous Christmas album last year and I played it all season long. When I saw that She & Him came out with another Christmas album I was ecstatic! This is a must for me to own and I just love vinyls.
I love to bake and have been a lot more into baking recently. I came across this beautiful electric mixer at The World Market and fell in love. I've been wanting to get a Kitchenaid of my own but those are so expensive. This mixer looks very similar to a Kitchenaid, it is a lot smaller and wayyy cheaper too. They had 3 colors to choose from and my favorites where the mint and white.
Ever since I completed my Disney wall/gallery I wanted to do one for Harry Potter. I found this a little more trickier since it hasn't been easy to find Harry Potter art as it was finding Disney ones. I came across this shop on Etsy that sells these posters of Herbology and Wand Motions and thought it was so creative. This two pieces would make an excellent addition for me to get closer to completely my HP gallery.
The cover picture of this book definitely caught my attention from the first time I saw it. The photos in this book are so beautiful and since I've been cooking nearly every day I've been wanting to try out some new recipes. This book offers not only recipes but also home crafting. It will be fun to learn a little of both.
6. Larisa Vinyl storage - Peach (Already Have)
I have been in search for the perfect vinyl storage for a couple of years now. I was about to settle for a simple wooden box until I came across this one from Urban Outfitters. It is more than what I wanted and so perfect for my room. I will finally be able to display my record player above and then have my vinyls stored down below. Also this storage is PEACH! It was made for me.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? What are you asking Santa for this year?


  1. I love the wishlist! If I don't get the STAK Vase/Dock. I'll have to buy for myself.

    1. It's really so cute. I love how simple it is and how you can even add plants to the back. I also think it would look really cute on our desks ;)

  2. omg i'm loving the harry potter prints I might need to as santa for that.


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