Watching: I'm so happy that most of my fall shows are finally back! It always makes me sad the end of spring/early summer when most shows come to an end because that means I have to now wait for the fall for the new season to begin. I love having my routine of daily shows especially since it's something Rudy and I love to do together. Once he gets home from work and have dinner, we then watch all our shows of the day or from the night before thanks to DVR. On Mondays we watch Teen Mom and Jane the Virgin. I've been watching the girls from Teen Mom since the first season of 16 and Pregnant. Jane the Virgin is a favorite of mine and Rudy's. There's so much juicy stuff going on and it's also really funny. Then on Tuesdays we enjoy New Girl I absolutely love Zooey, and Scream Queens with Emma Roberts. Emma is so funny I've been loving these roles she's been playing lately. Wednesday we're back to watching the newest season of American Horror Story followed by the Real World. I've never been one to keep up with the Real World series but this season is Bad Blood and Rudy was really interested. Now we're both pretty hoooked. On Thursday we've been watching a new series called The Good Place with Kristen Bell. This show is very funny, you have to watch it! Friday we're ending the week with Vampire Diaries another favorite of ours. There isn't anything we watch on Saturdays and on Sunday Rudy watches The Walking Dead which I don't really enjoy. I like to watch of course Keeping up with the Kardashians. It's a guilty pleasure of mine but hey Rudy also enjoys it. Lastly we end our Sunday by watching Once Upon a Time. I'm still waiting for a couple of my shows to return such as Reign and The Originals. Also can March hurry up because I'm really eager for Bates Motel season 5!

Loving: Fall fashion! There is so many options on styling your outfit during this season. It's all about layering clothes and I for one think it's so much fun. I love over sized knitted sweaters, booties, scarfs and leggings even though I wear those year round. Oh and we can't forget about all the gorgeous fall colors such as burgundy, a blood red, burnt orange, a mustard yellow, plum and olive green. There's so many fun ways to dress during this season I love wearing dresses and tights paired with booties to keep me warm. Another favorite outfit of mine is oversized sweaters with leggings. Make sure to check out my outfit posts there I share my outfits of the day and they've been filled with fall outfits. I have lots more to come.

Enjoying: Cold weather! Here in San Jose the weather is always all over the place with it being freezing in the morning, warm in the afternoon, and once again cold at night. We tend to have a lot more hotter days than cold but luckily the past couple of weeks the weather has been absolutely perfect. It's been nice enough to wear a jacket and feeling comfortable without getting overly hot. It's finally feeling like fall around here and that makes me so happy. Rudy works a lot at his job, 5-6 days a week 12 hour shifts. The last few weeks he's been off on the weekends and I've also been loving having him home. It's always nice to be able to spend more time together because the time we do spend together is never enough for me haha. I always love being together and I never find myself tired of him. Since he does work so much I find that when he does have time off we try to take advantage of it and try to get out of the house to go do things. Whether it's finding a new adventure to go on or even walking around our local mall window shopping. As long as we're together I'm happy.

Wanting: To travel, a lot! Rudy and I are always talking about places we would love to visit. Usually when we do 'travel' we head over to LA which is always fun but recently I've been wanting to go somewhere new together. We've both have been talking about wanting to visit Arizona and Seattle. They both sound so nice and from photos we've seen look beautiful and peaceful. Rudy and I have friends that live in Arizona that we haven't seen in a while and would love to see again. I can only speak for myself but I've become really tired of San Jose in general. I've lived here my entire life that I now really want to explore outside of California. I'm hoping sometime soon we can hopefully be able move out of here and start a better life else where even though it sounds so scary to do.

Looking forward to: All the Holidays that's headed our way! Thanksgiving is only a few weeks aways and Christmas decoration are all over the place already! Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday ever, I mean it is the happiest time of the year. I enjoy Thanksgiving too, its great to take the time and count all the blessings you have in life. I know I count my blessings on a every day but something about Thanksgiving makes it all extra special. Having most, if not all, your loved ones and family in one place enjoying each others company while celebrating each other is so humbling. We can't forget about all the yummy food of course. It's so exciting and also kind of overwhelming because Christmas items are already being added to the stores shelves. However I am guilty of already watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. This year I decided I wanted to decorate my room with Christmas decor and I'm really looking forward to that as well. I'm so excited to put up the little tree Rudy and I bought over the weekend along with other decorations we purchased and that we may pick up until black Friday. That is when we put up our decorations. It's a tradition of ours to put up the Christmas tree and decorations on black Friday every year.

Thinking about: Tattoos! I have a very large tattoo collection as you know but it's never enough. I'm always thinking of what I want next. I really like to take my time with this kind of stuff especially since a tattoo is forever and I've made a few mistakes along the way with them. I have a few ideas of what I want to possibly add to my body. I'm hoping to text my tattoo artist sometime soon and discuss ideas on this piece I want to get next. She always comes up with the most magical art work ever. Placement is also a tough choice. I typically wanted everything on my sleeve but now my left arm is completely filled and I don't want to add anything else to my right arm. I know I want to add a lot more pieces to my leg so I think that's possibly where my next piece may go!

I would love to hear about some things you have been up to currently! I really enjoy posts like these and I think I may have to start doing them once a month.



  1. Such a cute picture! You'll be surprised even though we talk a lot I always learn something new when I read these currently post.

    1. Thank you! I still have to post outfit photos from that day. Awe it's always fun to continue learning new things about someone. I know I'm still learning new things about Rudy till this day.

  2. You are so adorable.

  3. Omg where is that sign from?? Such a cute pic

    1. Ahh, I'm so sorry I'm getting back to you so late. It's from Hobby Lobby.


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