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In today's post, I have for you a 'what's in my small bag'. The previous two 'what's in my bag' posts I shared consisted of more larger purses. I'm always switching out my handbags and since I also love smaller bags, I thought a whats in my small bag would be a perfect edition. Plus I also got a new handbag and I really wanted to share it with you all. I love watching and reading these kinds of posts, and I know my readers do too since the previous two I shared got a lot of views. Make sure to check out my other what's in my bag posts if you haven't already and let's begin!

Since January I was on the hunt for the perfect blush handbag. For some reason, a blush handbag became so difficult to find, but after months of searching, I finally found the perfect one. I have been using my Ted Baker Chania leather cross body bag in the color baby pink. This is my first Ted Baker purse and I'm very pleased with this purchase. I like how simple yet sophisticated this bag is and I really enjoy the chain strap. I also really enjoy the fact that it has rose gold detailing. You guys already know that I love rose gold. I think it pairs perfectly with pink. On the front of the bag, you can find the Ted Baker London logo and size of this handbag is perfect. Even though this is a small bag it's actually pretty spacious inside so I'm able to fit a good amount of items.
When using a small bag you are more limited in space. Usually, I like to use a smaller wallet to save space. While purchasing my handbag I figured it was the perfect time to upgrade to a new matching small wallet. The wallet I'm now using is the Ted Baker Satinii leather bow coin wallet in the color rose gold. This wallet comes in a variety of different colors. They even had a baby pink with rose gold detailing that matches perfectly with the bag but I fell in love with the all rose gold shade. On the front, you will find a rose gold bow detail along with the logo branded underneath. I went with this wallet because of its small and compact size. It has a good amount of card slots and also a zipper for change. I can even use this alone if I don't want to carry around a purse.
With this being a smaller bag I like to only carry the essentials with me. Heads up there will be a lot of repeated items from my previous what's in my bag posts. Keys are still the same the only thing that has changed about them is I no longer carry the Doorknob charm because his nose broke off, so sad! Randomly one day I added this pink puffball that I bought at h&m a year ago and I really like how it looks with this bag. I try to always to remind myself to use hand sanitizer, especially while I'm out in public. At the moment I'm using the Juicy Georgia Peach from b&bw. Mints are always good to have, I'm always so thankful to have a pack whenever I have bad breathe or after a meal when out.

I always have to have some sort of face powder and chapstick. I also always make sure to have a nude lipstick in my bag for days that I'm in a hurry and forget to apply some before leaving the house. I've been really enjoying this Tarte Tartest lip paint that I got inside my March Ipsy bag. I also love that it's in a small 'travel size' because it doesn't take up much space at all. I also keep a sharpie and a rubber band floating around inside my purse that is not pictured. It became a habit to have a sharpie with me at all times from always being at Disneyland and asking characters for their autographs haha.

I usually always like to have a phone charger with me so when I'm using a smaller bag it is constantly going in and out of my bag. It is always great to have because you never know when your phone will be at 5%. This cute flamingo charger I picked up last year at Forever 21. At the moment I have been using my Ray Bans sunglasses. I don't always have this in my purse since it takes up a lot of space.

The last item I carry is, of course, my iPhone. If my clothes don't have pockets which 9 out of 10 times it doesn't, my phone is in my bag. I don't usually carry my camera with smaller bags unless I know I am going to go somewhere and will be needing it. I still own the same one I've previously shared so I skipped taking a photo of it.
Here we are, we've reached the end of this post. I really try not to overdo it on the items I carry in a small bag that way it won't end up feeling too heavy. I've been thinking since I have already shared three what's in my bag posts that maybe I should do a handbag collection post. What do you think, is that something you'd be interested in?


  1. Love the phone cover, and the bag is stunning!

    Vanessa x | www.springlilies.com

  2. This bag is so gorgeous! I love Ted Baker. I really love how your engagement ring looks against the purse, it's practically perfect in every way.

  3. I'm in love with your wallet its so pretty.

    1. Thank you I love how simple it is yet so cute. I just love the overall rose gold.

  4. your bag is so perfect and i just love the colour. also, you ted baker card holder is perfect.



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