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I have tried a good variety of Pixi products beauty and skin care. Through the years I have discovered a few products I didn't care too much for and others that I can't live without. I really love this brand so for today I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the products I currently own. There are a few items that I have tried, ran out and never went back to repurchase even though I did like it.

About a year ago or so I received the Summertime Beauty Bronzer in an Ipsy bag and this is one of my favorite kind of bronzers. This bronzer has a silky smooth feeling to it and applies beautifully to the skin. It will give your skin a natural healthy glow even on the palest skin tone. I enjoy using this bronzer year round but especially in the warmer months because of the radiance it gives your skin. It doesn't have any shimmer at all but you will see a stunning sun-kissed glow from it. If you want a soft glow you can apply a light hand of it and if you want something a little more color just apply a little extra with a heavier hand and you are good to go either way!

One of my holy grail can't live without products from Pixi is definitely the Glow Tonic. This stuff is an exfoliating toner that brightens your complexion giving your skin a healthy glow. This toner will clean deep into your pores and sweep away excess oils and impurities. Glow Tonic contains 5% glycolic acid that is great for acne and acne scars. I use this toner every day in my night time routine. I've also switched off between this liquid version and the Glow Tonic To-Go that contains the toner in pre-soaked pads.

Does the Double Cleanse sound familiar? This is my absolute favorite Pixi product at the moment, clearly since it was included in my March Favorites. I don't want to spend too much time on it since I shared a long detailed paragraph on it in my favorites posts so make sure to check that out. I will say that since purchasing this it has made removing my makeup so much more fun and easy.

The lower lash mascara is pretty new to me. The brush wand is the tiniest I have ever seen. I talked about it on my April favorites last week and I love it. Since the brush is so tiny it coats every single lash hair even the shortest ones. This mascara has even been able to give my baby lashes length. This mascara is my favorite for my lower lashes and I don't see myself ever using anything else again.

I've been using the overnight glow serum for over a month now and I love what it does to my skin. I like to add oils to my face at night so my skin can really soak it up overnight and this serum hydrates my skin really well. The overnight glow serum has a gel consistency that contains exfoliating properties that reveal an even radiant skin overnight. I wake up every morning with an even complexion and I can definitely see the radiance glow. I have also noticed that it does a good job of clearing post-acne spots.
Another item that I have owned for a while now (and should probably get rid of soon) is the flawless beauty primer. This product doesn't even look like this anymore they repackaged it and it is now in a bottle. I love using this primer when I want to add an extra glow to my skin. There are two ways I like to use this; one being after moisturizer I apply this all over the face before I do my primer and foundation. Second, is mixing it with my foundation. I end up with a beautiful finish both ways and it is perfect during spring and summer. I'm not too sure how much it actually helps keep my makeup in place but I definitely love this for the natural glow it gives my skin.

I'm not a huge fan of the makeup fixing mist to set my face. However, I am a huge fan of using this to get rid of any excess powder I have on my face or when my face looks too dry because of all the powders. When I first picked this up I was not a fan of its scent but I have grown to love it. I love rose water sprays since rose is really good for the skin. This spray also gives your makeup a soft-focus finish that looks flawless.

Ever since I started using the double cleanse I rarely use makeup remover wipes. Sometimes I do enjoy using them to remove any powders I may have applied to my neck. Since I didn't own any cruelty-free wipes I wanted to give the makeup melting cleansing cloths a try. These wipes aren't the greatest. They don't do the best job removing my makeup even around the eyes, but then again not many makeup wipes do. I love how these wipes smell of rose and remind me so much of the makeup fixing mist I just spoke about. Even though it doesn't remove my makeup completely and easily as it claims I do still enjoy using it once in a while to remove any makeup on my neck, jawline, and around my hairline.
Are you a fan of Pixi? What are some of your favorite products?

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  1. I love pixi skin care so much.

    1. Me too! They have so many great products, I now need to try out more of their makeup.

  2. Pixi overload! Okay I think I'm going to pick up the Toner and the Serum, they sound really good! So far I've only tried their eyeliner because I literally just got it in my May Ipsy Glam Bag.

    1. Yes! The toner is definitely the one thing I would recommend everyone try. It's so nice and the cotton swab version is really good too. I couldn't decide what serum of theirs I wanted to try but I'm very pleased that I got this one. I definitely want to try the rose one next!


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