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May Favorites

Some bits and pieces of things I adored this month.

I'm the type of girl who always likes and needs to have her nails painted or I feel incomplete. I'm always changing from color to color and as of this month, my go-to has been 'Red My Fortune Cookie' by OPI. This is a very true red-orange color. I'm already obsessed with red-orange lipstick and now I'm loving it on my hands. It's such a fun, pretty, and bright shade that is absolutely perfect for both spring and summer. I really like how red nail polish looks on my hands since I'm very fair and I really love how this shade looks against my skin as well. The more I use OPI nail polish I've come to realize they usually last on my nails for a week before beginning to chip.

In April Lush released a new shower gel called Plum Rain. I picked this up the day it came out and finally began using it this month. Originally this was an UK exclusive for years and they're now being carried in stores all over the U.S. I own a few of their shower gels/creams that I have yet to use, but out of the ones that I have tried Plum Rain is definitely my favorite by far. This shower gel has a very true plum fruity scent and its mouth watering, literally. Out of all the shower gels/creams, I've tried this is the only one so far that I've noticed its scent to lingers on my body once I'm done showering. Hours later when I walk into the bathroom my shower still smells of juicy plums. The following day even my loofa still has the intoxication scent and I really appreciate it since I enjoy the scent so much. This is one shower gel that I highly recommend everyone to pick up, you won't regret it! You don't have to worry about it going away, this shower gel is here to stay permanently. 

I have owned this Bath & Body Works Peach Cilantro candle probably going on three years now, and I finally decided to it was time to burn it. From smelling the jar I knew it was going to be an immediate favorite so I didn't want to use it up since this is one of those scents B&BW never brought back. Luckily I purchased two of them so I didn't feel too bad when I burned it for the first time. I used the one I didn't burn for the photo above since the one I'm burning is really low. This candle smells amazing! You all know how much I fancy everything peach and this candle has a very unique twist to it with the cilantro. Peach and cilantro work really well together and complement each other perfectly. I've been burning this candle almost non-stop this entire month, I've even had to hold myself back some days so that I won't finish it so quickly. Summer peach, fresh garden cilantro, and juicy mango are the notes this candle consists of. I wish there was a way that I could have you guys smell this candle. I also wish B&BW would just bring this candle back because I want to purchase some more. This candle has been perfect for burning on these warmer days and it will definitely be the ideal summer candle.

Since switching to cruelty-free products I knew I was soon going to be in the market for a new concealer since the one I was using to spot conceal was not cruelty-free. I was very thrilled when I found out Nars had become cruelty-free because they had released their new soft matte complete concealer. I began to see some of my favorite YouTubers talk about this concealer but it wasn't until a friend of mine, Lauren, shared that this was the perfect concealer to spot conceal. So, of course, I immediately ran to Sephora and picked it up. I have really been enjoying this concealer and like I said I use it to spot conceal and blemishes I have. This works so well to cover them up and it's also so easy to blend out. I own the shade light 2 Vanilla, and I like to apply this using a soft pencil brush. I dap it onto a blemish then I blend it out using my ring finger. It lasts all day without fading and a little goes a long way. It contains the ideal coverage to cover any breakouts. If you're looking for a high coverage concealer that doesn't fade throughout the day definitely give this guy a try.

Almost a year ago I purchased my Kate Spade Flamingo handbag and I was so happy to finally be able to bring it back out again this year. This handbag is for sure one of my favorite bag that I own. It can possibly be my most favorite, to be honest. I love Flamingos and go crazy just about every time I see them. Last year I made an entire post on this bag when I purchased it. There you will find lots of photos that I shared if you're interested click here. I love the pattern, color, especially the shape of the bag. It's a perfect size, also very spacious. I enjoy that I can wear this bag for hours without it hurting my shoulder. I'm not even over exaggerating every time I go out I always get compliments on the bag. Especially while I'm inside the Kate Spade store. You will most definitely catch me using it until Late September, maybe even October but that may be pushing it haha.
My last monthly favorite is my Bates Motel tattoo. I almost wasn't going to share this since I spoke a little about it on my latest currently post but I figured it was the perfect opportunity to share a photo of it finished and all healed. I don't think this tattoo could have been any more perfect. I mentioned how I wasn't too sure if I wanted to add any 'glitter' to this piece since Bates Motel is a dark series. However, we ended up adding some glitter in the bushes to break up the green from the leaves and it turned out perfect. I think by adding the glitter in that discreet way kept this piece from looking dull since there isn't much color. As for the flowers, a huge part of me wanted them to be bloody because it's a horror show. I'm so happy with how the flowers came out I love them so much. The middle flower we left plain and you can see knife slashes with blood dripping. I love how Chelsey added the slashes on the flower because it looks like someone 'Norman' went full on massacre on it. Also, there wasn't any white added to the tattoo which is a little shocking because at how white the center flower looks against the rest of the piece. This tattoo is already one of my top favorite tattoos out my entire tattoo collection. I also thought I should add that this piece was inspired by the Bates Motel series, not the Psycho film.

What items made it into your May favorites?


  1. I can't wait to try the Plum Rain, I'm alternating between Yummy Mummy and the Easter one.
    On Monday I was so tempted to buy a purse from Kate Spade's new collection with the succulents but I held back and didn't. I really like how you wear this flamingo one during Spring/Summer. It's perfect!

    1. I'm already less than half way done with the Easter one. I can't wait to use Yummy Mummy next. I don't want to finish Plum Rain haha, its for sure my favorite so far. I still have to see that bag you've been wanting.

  2. Your Bates Motel tattoo is amazing!!

    1. Thank you! I'm so so so in love with it❤️

  3. That candle sounds amazing are they not bringing that back again? Id love to smell it.

    1. I don't think so this candle was apart of a summer collection 2-3 years ago and that was the only time I saw it.


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