Kate Spade: Flamingo Love

I couldn't decide if I wanted to post this or not but I've been wanting to share my newest hand bag purchase aka obsession with you guys so what the heck. I picked up this cutest bag at the Kate Spade outlet in Livermore. I love Kate Spade her style is so much fun and different. I adore her all the unique style and shape of handbags she releases along with the patterns. I own a few of her handbags and they are one of my favorites that I own. I was on a no bag buy since the last purse I purchased in May and I was very content with the bags I owned. When we went to the outlets I had no intentions to purchase anything but once we spotted the Kate Spade store I saw that they had the most cutest window display I had ever seen filled with flamingos! They had dresses, handbags, coin bag, cosmetic bag, wallet, phone cases and I am sure I may be forgetting something. If you know me then you know that I am currently obsessing over everything flamingos, they're just so darn cute and perfect for summer time. I immediately needed to go inside the store to find out the price of their flamingo bag!
(I have my upside down Alice and Breadbutterfly push keychain I got from Japan already hanging on my bag. I think they're just so perfect on it.)

A couple of days prior to this trip I had shown Rudy a similar bag with this same flamingo pattern on eBay and the seller was selling it for $899 which is ridiculous. The store had tons of sales going on and that day the all handbags were on sale for 60% off. Then on top of that you'd get another 20% off bringing it to a total of 80% off now thats insane and such an amazing deal!!!!! Rudy told me right away to take the flamingo bag that I fell in love with which had the same pattern as the one on eBay. I believe this bag is called the Newbury Lane Small Felix Flamingo Satchel Cross Body bag, whoa mouth full. I couldn't believe how great of a deal it was and I wanted to make sure exactly how much I'd be paying for the bag. One of the employees that was helping us calculated the discount for the bag and told me that with taxes the bag will come out to be $109! That's a huge difference from its original price of $298.
I cannot tell you guys how obsessed I am with this bag it's so adorable and I just needed to share it with you guys. All my friends were swooning over it once they saw it and I mean how can they not. I usually don't like too much pattern going on in my bags but I feel like this print is a bit subtle. I love the colors of this bag it's just perfect and every time I go out I get complements on it. I love the shape of the bag it is definitely a favorite of mine. The size is perfect not too big or too small and I can fit lots of stuff inside if I'd like. The bag feels super heavy duty a really good material and will last me forever. I like that it has two small handles along with a long strap so I have the option on which to use. This has been my go to bag since I purchased it and I find it very comfortable to use which is very important to me. I can't stand when a bag causes my shoulder to hurt after a few hours of wear.
Once we were in line to check out I noticed that they also had a iPad case in the same flamingo pattern and I decided to pick that up too since I was in need of a new case for my iPad. It even ended up also being on sale which I was happy about because I never like to pay too much for cases since I typically purchase all of mine through eBay.
I am really excited to continue using this bag for the warmer month and probably up until fall hits us. Definitely check out your local outlet stores so you too can find some goodies!



  1. Natalie GutierrezJune 16, 2016 at 9:52 AM

    Yasss girl!!!! Such a gorgeous bag! �� I'll be hitting up the Kate Spade outlet this weekend ♠️��

    1. Thank you. Woo Hoo!!! I hope you find lots of goodies and make sure to share your purchases with me so I can see!♥

  2. I love this bag, thank you for sharing! One of my favorite designers for fun purses is Betsy Johnson ☺️

  3. This bag is the cutest I have ever seen I need it.


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