My Top Five Favorite Perfumes

I want to start sharing some of my favorite products or items here on my blog. I already share my monthly favorites but those are mainly items that I am loving in that month. I want to start sharing more categorized things such as my top favorite blushes, lipsticks or like today I will be sharing my top five favorite perfumes. Back in February already shared my favorite face masks which also included five face masks and one cheaper and fun alternative. I want to continue making posts like that. I think this is going to be a really fun series so lets jump right into things!
The first perfume I am going to be sharing with you all is the Marc Jacobs Dot perfume. I love basically all of Marc Jacobs' perfumes always have. Each time he releases a new fragrance I get really excited about it and want to go to any stores that carry it so I can take a sniff. One year Rudy even gifted me one of the newest perfumes before I even smelled it and I loved it thats when I realized that I love every perfume of his no matter what and can we talk about all the packaging of his perfumes! They are so creative and beautiful. This perfume came out in 2012 I remember when I first seen it at Macy's I fell in love with it immediately! My mom ended up getting it for me for my birthday and till this day it is my go to perfume. I am pretty horrible at describing scents so online it is said that this perfume contains; Dragon Fruit, Coconut Water, Orange Blossom, Red Berries and Musk. I've been nothing that I find myself loving any scents that contain a musky scent. This perfume is so light and airy so fresh. I love to use it year round. I don't really understand when people say that certain perfumes are for winter and others for summer. I just wear mine depending on what mood I am in. If there is any perfumes from this post that I would suggest for you to purchase it would be this one for sure.

For my second favorite perfume is another Marc Jacobs fragrance no surprise here haha. I own close to ten of his perfumes but this is the last of his that I will be sharing. This perfume is Honey, I'm not too sure when this one came out I want to say it was sometime in 2013. As soon as I heard of this release I quickly went out to pick it up. It reminds me a lot of the Dot perfume because the bottle is very similar. This perfume is a little more sweeter compared to Dot but still so delicious. This is definitely my second go to perfume clearly since its number two of  my favorites haha. The notes for this perfume is; Juicy Mandarin, Pear, Peach Nectar, Apricot, Honey, Honeysuckle and more. If you're more into a sweeter scent I'd suggest going for this one. It is sweet  but definitely not overly sweet. I can't stand scents that are overly sweet.

This next perfume used to me my number one favorite, it is one of the oldest perfumes from Mac Cosmetics. They used to have a line of perfumes years ago and they all got discontinued except the one I was obsessed with. This is their perfume in Turquatic. First I want to share why it is no longer number one on my list, I still love this perfume. It is everything in a perfume I would want but as of a few months I no longer support Mac Cosmetics because they do test their products on animals. I am a proud Fur Mama to two beautiful Maltese and once I began to see photos of the animals being strapped down to metal tables for testing that broke my heart. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and this is how I feel as of right now so please respect that. This is all I will me saying on this matter. Now back to the perfume, I no longer wish to support the company but I do love their products and they actually make some of my most favorite products such as this perfume. I was almost out of my smaller bottle of this then I purchased the biggest size they carry. A few months later was when I decided to stop purchasing from them so I will have to use this bottle sparingly. This perfume reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Dot in the sense that they both have that musky scent. The description for this fragrance says it contains Anemone, Lotus, Orris and Corsican Blue Cedar. I honestly love this scent so if you still support Mac maybe next time you're in their store you can check this out.

Next up is a fragrance by Kate Spade and this is her Live Colorfully perfume. I had been wanting to smell this perfume for quite some time but I never seen it inside Sephora. One day while I was shopping at Ulta I saw that they carried it. I loved the scent and was debating to purchase it right then and their but Rudy persuaded me not to and to wait. He said that because he ended up picking it up for me as a Valentine's Day gift and was being sneaky. This smells so lovely and I am now noticing a pattern on the perfumes I like by reading all the notes on each of them. For this perfume the notes are; Mandarin, Pink Water Lily, Star Anise, Tiaré Flower, Coconut Water, Sheer Amber, Musk, and Tahitian Vanilla. The first perfume I owned of hers is super old and I believe they no longer sell it. It's called Twirl and I was obsessed with it. I am a huge fan of Kate Spade and want to own all her fragrances so there is no surprise for my last favorite.

My last perfume is another Kate Spade and it's her newest one that was released about a month after I got her Live Colorfully perfume. This one is Live Colorfully Sunshine. I got the roller ball version because when I saw it at Ulta they didn't have one opened on display for me to smell it so I decided to get a small one in case I didn't like it. The full size version of this is exactly the same at the original Live Colorfully perfume. The scent is also similar to the original but different and I love it. When I saw the packing itself I knew I wanted to own it! So far I have only seen it at Ulta and online it says it contains; Lush Violet Leaves, Bergamot, Mandarin, Neroli, Orange Flower, Magnolia, White Must and a few other notes. I'm already eyeing another one of her perfumes that I finally smelled and have been obsessed with!
These I just shared five of my favorite designer perfumes I thought I should share a more cheaper perfume in case someone isn't willing on spending a lot on a perfume which I totally get. These two are body mists. They are different from a perfume because the scent from a perfume will last on you pretty much all day when a body spray doesn't. I know some people prefer that over a perfume. These two are very similar since they are both Peach sprays but they are from two different places.

The first body mist is Pretty as a Peach by Bath and Body Works. This came out about two months ago I believe when they released a whole line of Pretty as a Peach products. Clearly I went crazy for this! The line came out with this body spray in this big sized bottle and a smaller travel size bottle, shower gel, luxury bubble bath, body lotion, shimmer mist, and foaming sugar scrub. This peach scent is so lovely and light. These are some of the notes it contains; Yellow Peach, Asian Pear, White Nectarine, Sweet Tea, Creamy Musk, and Blonde Woods.

The last Peach fragrance I got from The Body Shop and it's their Vineyard Peach body mist. I have noticed that their peach products are very hard to come by and I actually ordered this online. Sadly as I was looking for it on their website I couldn't find it and I am now starting to think it's been discontinued. It smells of peaches but compared to the B&BW one it smells a little heavier of peach but super good nonetheless.

Do you own any of these perfumes? What perfumes would you recommend for me to try out? I'm still undecided on what top favorites I will be sharing next so suggestions are always welcomed ♥



  1. You know I've never smelled the Marc Jacob's perfumes before. Next time I'm at Sephora I'll have to check them out. P.s if you haven't already you need to check out Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.

    1. My commented got deleted some how😭 I have the picture of the perfume on my phone so I can look for it next time I'm out!

  2. I've never smelled any of the Kate Spade perfumes. I didn't even know she had a fragrance line. I'm like you I love everything Kate Spade.

    1. Yeah theres even another one I think its called Walk on Air... I could totally be wrong but it's a blue perfume bottle and it smells so good too.


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