Younique Liquid Foundation Review

I am very excited to bring to you today a review on the Younique Mineral Touch liquid foundation. This brand has been around for a few years now and I have heard tons of mixed reviews about their products. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and thats ok. I have seen millions of videos of woman applying their foundation through out my Facebook account and it looked very promising. All of the woman would rave about how amazing the foundation was, and why would they not since most of them were Younique representatives. On most of those videos the woman would even draw all over their faces with a permanent marker to prove just how amazing their foundation was and once again it looked very promising. Even after seeing all the videos and reviews I was a bit skeptical like many people. I admit I was always very curious to try it out for myself to see how I would like it. At the same time I had no interest because I already owned quite a few foundations and I let the bad reviews persuade me not to give it a fair shot. Time went on and I forgot all about this foundation.

I became really good friends with someone who ended up being a Younique representative. My friend Jessica mentioned how she uses all their products and loves them all herself. She suggested a couple of times that I should give it a try, that she thought I would love it. That's when my interest in the product sparked up again. Still I was a bit hesitant with the huge collection of makeup I already have I did not need yet another foundation. I asked Jessica some questions I had about the foundation to see if it would work for me and just so that I could know a little more about the product. I have oily skin I needed to know how would it wear on my oily skin. Jessica herself also has oily skin and said it works wonders with keeping her matte all day. She also told me it the foundation is build able which I really liked to hear and that if I wanted a more of a lighter coverage it worked just as great. Some days I prefer a fuller coverage and others something more light so having one foundation that would look great either way is ideal.
As the weeks even month or two went by I cleaned out and got rid of some makeup as I tend to do often. I then began thinking about ordering the foundation to test out the product myself. Jessica was texting me early this month about a bundle that Younique has going on for the month of June and I asked her to color match me so I could know exactly what color I am for when I placed my order in the next couple of weeks. I think it's so cool how she is able to color match you to their foundation just by sending her a photo of yourself without any makeup on then by you answering about five questions based on your undertones. Jessica suggested Organza would be my perfect shade, it is a light cool toned shade. I decided I was going to order the foundation within the next two week but then I went ahead and placed my order and I was excited! Hearing the great things about their foundation from Jessica made me much more excited. Just because she is a representative I still trust everything she was telling me and I feel she is always honest with me instead of just trying to make a sale.

Quick Disclaimer: This is where I would like to add that this post is definitely not sponsored what so ever and I am obviously not a Younique representer. I decided to place an order to try out their product myself to share my thoughts and opinions with you guys since I had been wanting to try it out for myself for some time now. I know a lot of people including myself some times would much rather hear the thoughts and opinion of products from someone who doesn't work for the company.

The shipping for the foundation was extremely quick! I ordered it on a Friday, it shipped out on Monday and delivered to me Wednesday. I was super excited to try it out, I used it for the first time the following day for my nephews graduation. I decided to apply the foundation using a Beauty Blender since that is my absolute favorite way to apply all foundations. The directions suggest for you to shake the bottle well before using. Once I opened up the foundation I noticed that it was very liquidy and runny but it isn't something that would bother me.  I primed my face as usual and dotted some foundation on my face then I began to blend. The scent of the foundation smells so good like kind of floral and I noticed my skin looked very glowy. I first applied one layer then a second layer mainly focusing on my more problematic areas such as my jaw line and chin. The foundation applied light at first but is definitely build able. I was very impressed with the coverage it gave granted I went with a lighter coverage that day and my face looked flawless! The foundation felt like it just melted perfectly into my skin. The foundation is also supposed to set matte which did but I still like to go over my foundation with a powder. I felt that once it dried down it set to a very soft, smooth matte finish but my face had a radiance to it. I continued to apply the rest of my makeup and it all went on so smoothly and blended very well. I was so impressed with how great my face looked that I quickly messaged Jessica and sent her photos of my makeup. She agreed and said my face looked flawless and that it looked like I wasn't even wearing any foundation. Once Rudy got home from work he said the same thing!
I wore the foundation for a total of eight hours that day and it felt very light weight like I wasn't wearing any foundation at all. I'm not even joking when I'm telling you guys that my skin looked amazing all day. My face looked very natural, like my skin only so much better. By the end of the day there was no separation and everything still looked in tack. I was in love after just one wear.

A couple of days later I wore it once again but this time I decided to use a makeup brush for the application. I wanted to see the difference in the application, if one was better than the other. If one had better coverage or wear than the other. I used my Morphe M439 brush to apply the foundation and it applied just as great. I was very impressed because like I mentioned I only like to apply foundation with my beauty blender. I feel that when I use brushes it usually cakes up the product which isn't cute and makes my face feel heavy full of product, it just doesn't blend out as great on my skin. To tell you guys the truth I didn't see much of a difference between the two applications. I felt that with the beauty blender my face was a lot more glowy but of course that is because of the water in the blender but I still got some glow with the brush. Using a brush I still got great coverage maybe a bit more than with the beauty blender but that usually happens since a blender sheers your foundation. My foundation still wore great through out the day and lasted without separation. I forgot to mention earlier but by the end of the day my skin was still pretty matte. I did look a small bit dewy on my T-Zone but nothing crazy. I really liked the way my foundation turned out with both applications.
This foundation has been my go to for all of June and it is definitely one of my favorites if not favorite foundation I've ever tried. You will definitely see this in my June favorites! I am very pleased with its wear and I don't even know if it's technically supposed to me a long wearing foundation. I am so happy that I finally made the purchase and I now see why Jessica and so many other woman love this foundation. It really is worth the hype I would not say it is if it wasn't. I've already shared my thoughts to friends and I have definitely been suggesting it. If you guys place an order and don't like the product Younique does offer a 14 day no questions asked return policy so you really can't go wrong with that. If any of you are interested in trying this foundation or even any other Younique products please use the link right here. My friend Jessica never asked me to make this post nor share the link but I am always more than happy to help and support my friends. I know she will be thankful if anyone decides to place an order and I will be too.
Let me know if you have tried and of Younique's products and how you liked them. Also let me know if you decide to place an order.



  1. You've convinced me on this foundation now I have to buy it.

    1. Yay!!! Let me know if you need to get colored matched, I can have Jessica do it for you.


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