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Eyebrows; something that has become so important in the makeup world over the last few years, who would have known. Back in middle school and high school, I was guilty of over-plucking the crap of my brows. I had no idea what I was doing and I would be left with a baby line of hair. Since I started messing with my eyebrows way too early in life they no longer grow. They remain very skinny and because of that, I've always been kind of self-conscious about them. (Don't get me wrong, I still rock them bare and natural all the time.) Clearly, I was never an expert when it came to eyebrows, and still, I don't consider myself to be one. However, I have learned a lot about drawing and filling them in within the last couple of years. After months and months of searching, I discovered what types of products worked and didn't work along with finding out my preferred tools to use. In this post, I am going to share all the products I use and must have in order to achieve my perfect brow!

Before using any brow products I like to first use a primer all over my eyebrow area. My favorite primer I like to use for this is the Too Faced Primed & Peachy matte primer. Since this is a mattifying primer it'll ensure that I won't get oily and since I have bangs and have oily skin I've had issues with my bangs rubbing the product off. This primer does a very good job it's one of my current favorite primers and not only for my eyebrows but for my face as well.

My number one product of preference to draw my eyebrows is a pomade. The longevity of a pomade is ideal for anyone who has oily skin. They last the longest compared to others since they're usually waterproof. I switch off from a couple of different pomades but one that I enjoy using is the LA Splash UD Brow. I was on the hunt for a cruelty-free waterproof pomade and my friend Liz recommended this one to me. I've also had issues with finding the perfect shade match to my hair because some are way too red toned while others are too ashy. I bought the shade cinnamon daisy and it is the perfect match. This product doesn't budge! When I first got it I swatched it on my hand to make the color was a match and then tried rubbing it off and nothing. When I was taking shower tried to rub it off with just water it still wouldn't come off not until I added soap and scrubbed it with my loofa. Whenever I use this pomade I know I can rely on it staying all day on my skin without smudging.

If possible I try to avoid cleaning up my eyebrows with concealer, I feel the messy look makes them look more natural especially since I have very little eyebrow hair. I use a little bit of any concealer to clean up mistakes I may have made or if I need to make the tail of my brow a little sharper. Sometimes I also use it to lighten up the front of my eyebrows to give it more of a faded look.

Once the previous steps are completed it's time to set my eyebrows with a tinted brow gel. I prefer tinted brow gels because I feel they give the appearance of a more fuller brow and I'll take all the help I can get in that department. I've been loving the Glossier boy brow. It's so good and does such an amazing job of coating every single hair with the product making them look fuller. This has been the best brow gel I've used.

This final step may sound a little strange. Once my eyebrow is completely finished I like to dab some translucent loose powder to the front of my eyebrow to set or in other words "bake" the pomade. There isn't anything worse than your brows fading throughout the day especially if your bangs rub on them. I like doing this step as a precaution. Just like you set your foundation and concealer so it doesn't move, I set my eyebrows with powder so they won't move. And guess what? It actually works! After a couple of minutes, I will brush it away with a brush and then lightly comb through the hairs to make sure I removed all of the powder.

I wanted to include one last brow product. On days that I'm going to run some errands and don't want to be bothered to do my brows with pomade or just don't have as much time to, I love the ABH brow wiz eyebrow pencil. This is one of my favorite brow pencils that I've used. This pencil is so simple to use because of how skinny and precise the pencil is, and it makes filling in the brows easy with little mistakes. The product isn't too waxy or slippery, it's a perfect consistency.
What are your must-have products for your eyebrows?


  1. These are musts for sure!!

    1. My most used products that never let me down. Thanks for reading.


  2. Just when I thought I knew about eyebrows! I have never thought about priming my eyebrows or setting them, honestly thank you! I will be trying this next time I do my eyebrows.

    P.S I love your eyebrows.

    1. Thank you! I honestly just started messing around with them one day and began using different products. I have oily skin (my forehead can be the worst) and more so when it's hot out. I started looking at my brows as the rest of my face; you prime your face for the foundation to last and same goes with setting foundation so it doesn't move around. I've seen a huge difference and my brows really do last longer when I do this :)



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