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It's been a while since I've purchased makeup and to be honest I can't even remember the last time I even bought makeup. I haven't been as interested in it as much as I once was, and my interest has been more towards skincare. Over the last year, I have become quite the minimalist when it comes to my makeup routine and collection. It's very satisfying to only have products I use instead of products I'm holding onto that is only taking up space. Recently there have been a few new items on the market that has caught my eye and today I wanted to share some of them with you. Here's what's currently on my makeup wishlist.

The first product on my wishlist is the Un Cover-Up Concealer/Foundation from RMS Beauty. This concealer reminds me so much of the Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer that I'm currently using and love so much. However, Nars is no longer cruelty-free and I will soon need to replace it with a CF brand. Two things I now look for in a concealer is for it to be lightweight and hydrating. I have been experiencing dry patches on my face once in a while and it drives me crazy if my makeup clings to it making it more noticeable. This un cover-up concealer is both and gives a youthful radiance to the skin. You can also use this product as a concealer or foundation, and it claims to never make your skin look heavy or dry. Sounds like my kind of concealer!

For several months now I have found myself really being into cream products, shocking right. I've been using a lot of cream stick products as highlighters and I've been loving how it looks on my skin. Like I just mentioned my skin was getting a lot of random dry patches I believe due to the winter cold and cream products really helped hide away dryness. The Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is one I'm dying to add to my collection. I'm obsessed with the color and the fact that it is a weightless cream to powder formula I won't have to worry about it being too wet or tacky on my oily/combo skin for the summer months ahead. The packaging is also screaming my name!

I'm not the biggest fan of any mascaras in particular and maybe that has to do with the reason that I just haven't found the one. I enjoy using false lashes like the next girl but it can get exhausting to apply. My goal is to one day get the courage to get eyelash extensions but until then on lazier days I go hard with mascara. Glossier recently released their first mascara, the Lash Slick. I don't think I've ever been excited about a mascara release like I was when I heard of this one. Lash slick claims to be lash extensions without the extensions. I have very little and short lashes I'm dying to get my hands on this mascara and put it to the test. I'm curious to see what wonders it'll do to my eyelashes. In my eyes, Glossier can do no wrong!

Since I've been using Drunk Elephant products, I think my skin has been looking it's best. I don't feel the need to use as much coverage as I once did, and I haven't even used foundation in a couple of months. I recently found out that Sunday Riley had come out with the Influencer Clean Long Wear Foundation. I really like the Sunday Riley brand and I'm also a huge supporter of the U.F.O oil and Saturn face mask. I have a feeling this foundation must be good. Like the name of the foundation, it states to be a clean long lasting foundation that was created with the health of your skin in mind. It is supposed to be a medium to full coverage foundation, I'm no longer a fan of full coverage on myself personally since I don't think I necessarily need it. I'm sure I can try a sample of this and find out some ways that I can make it work for me like sheering it down with my moisturizer or even being lighted handed with the product and blending it out with a damp beauty blender. I'm interested to see the finish of this guy especially the fact that this foundation is supposed to be good for your skin!

The last couple of years my interest in makeup has lessened more and more. It's rare that I pick up an eyeshadow pallet mainly because I've really been enjoying the minimal makeup look but also cause I don't want to be bothered spending any more time on my makeup. When I saw this Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Pallet in Fantascene I immediately had heart-eyes. I've never tried anything from Marc Jacobs beauty but I have always been a fan of his fragrances. This pallet would be the perfect piece to try something out from his beauty line along with diving back into eyeshadows. Not only is the packaging of this pallet to die for, the eyeshadows aren't too bold either. I can easily create a simple everyday look with it, even some bolder looks as well. The color range is also perfect for spring and summer.

What makeup products are currently on your wishlist?


  1. Yes yes yes! I have been wanting to try the RMS concealer for soooo long. It sounds lovely! I've had my eye on that Marc Jacobs palette as well. :) It is beautiful!

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

    1. The RMS concealer is top on my list and I just love the packing of it along with the Marc Jacobs pallet.


  2. I really want to try some Sunday Riley and Glossier products!

    Kay xx

  3. Great wishlist! I'm surprise my current wishlist doesn't a lot makeup product but that glossier mascara is definitely in my wishlist.

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. There hasn't been a lot of makeup that I've wanted but these are just a few that caught my eye. I have a lot more skin care products haha. I really want to try the mascara!


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