Let’s Join The Circus

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up because the Carnival is in town! Grab your tickets, popcorn, and cotton candy as I welcome you to Circus Vargas!

The first and only time I've ever been to a circus was when I was a little girl. I only have faint memories of it and I want to say it was the Ringling Brothers. From what I do remember my eyes were wide with amazement the entire show as I enjoyed my cotton candy! It was like nothing I had ever seen before. People doing trapeze, others walking on ropes, clowns, jugglers, elephants oh my! I was in love with the show from start to end. For a couple of years now I had been telling Rudy how I wanted to visit a circus but I never knew of any in town. Luckily one day on a drive back home we stumbled across one. I looked up their next stop which was in Fairfield, an hour away, and purchased our tickets.
Circus Vargas was an incredible show. Rudy and I really enjoyed ourselves. I was expecting to see the typical animals such as some lions, elephants maybe even horses. However, this circus did not have any animals in their show which was a nice thing. This show was called 'Dreaming Of Pirates' which was about a clown that wanted to become a Pirate.
This woman was amazing! She was dangling on this chandelier looking thing from all angles. At one point she was only hanging by one leg!
These three clowns were absolutely hilarious! Constantly pissing each other off, pranking each other, and hitting each other haha.
My jaw was at the ground while this act was playing out. It was so cool seeing how the pirates were fighting each other and jumping off the ship and bouncing all the way back to the top!
On these next photos, you will see the pirates caught a mermaid. Later on, the mermaid even gets her very own pair of legs!
Look how flexible they are!
This guy was super talented and was walking on the tightrope. He ran across a couple of times, jumped rope, and even jumped through the ring with knives around it! So courageous.
I wish I got more photos of this girl right here! She was flying through the tent hanging only by her hair! Yes, you read that right, by her hair! How insane is that? I only imagine it could have been painful, wow it was truly amazing.
When this first act began I couldn't help but giggle to myself because it was a grown man in a bathtub filled with water... However, once the music started playing, Sail by Awolnation, I was smitten. It takes a lot of upper body strength to be able to hold and balance your body like this.
This part of the show was another very impressive act. It first began with two guys in motorcycles in driving in circles very fast. Eventually, a third biker came in and the lights went off and it was nothing but neon on lights from the bikes driving in all sorts of direction very fast! Very scary but so cool.
The last act of the show was this woman who shot an arrow at the balloon using her feet! Must I repeat myself, so cool!
We have now reached the end of the show and it was one I won't ever forget. Have you been to the circus recently? What was your favorite part of the show?


  1. These pictures are everything! I loved the colors. I'm really surprised, I totally thought a circus was different but I love this, I get The Greatest Showman vibes.

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. This circus is a lot different than what I remember. I was totally getting The Greatest Showman vibes throughout the show too! Rudy and I kept making comments to eachother about it haha.


  2. These pictures are giving me all the childhood vibes! Looks like you had so much fun!
    xo, allie

  3. Wow! Circus-it's just magical!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Caitlin! I’ve heard Circus Du Soleil is a lot of fun! Beautiful too.



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