We're BACK!

I'm extremely excited to share this post with you all today. It's already been a year that I was updating you all on some big news, that Rudy and I moved to Washington. How ironic is it that a year later I am here once again getting to share some more big news with you guys regarding yet another big move, this time we're heading back to California!

Where do I even begin? The talk about moving back home to California has been a big topic with Rudy and me for the last couple of months. I know what you may be thinking, why go back to California when you moved to WA from there? Without going too much into detail and sharing too much, Rudy was offered a really great promotion and couldn't turn down the offer.

We have been back in San Jose for a week now, crazy right?! That just goes to show you, you really never know what the future has in store for you. Things can change in an instant. We never imagined ourselves leaving Washington to go back to California.

We are both so happy to be back home, I can't even begin to express it. I know people say "home is where you make it" and even though we enjoyed Washington, it just never felt like home to us. We really did miss California, which we both knew was going to happen. However, we didn't think we'd miss it as much as we did. There is nothing like having the support of your family and friends. All the people that genuinely care about you.

I am so excited to see what our future holds now being back in California. Expect to see a lot of posts of future adventures Rudy and I go on. We have a huge list of things lined up already!


  1. Welcome back! I'm truly happy for the both of you.
    Looking forward to our hangouts!

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. Thank you so much Imelda! And I really can't wait to get back to hanging out again, instead of once every 2-3 months lol♥



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