Painting Pumpkins

It has been forever since I have last shared a DIY post with you guys and last weekend Rudy and I pulled out our arts and crafts box and had ourselves a small pumpkin painting party! This was the first time we decided to paint the pumpkins we bought, and it was such a fun and creative way to put the pumpkins we bought to use. It also makes displaying them more festive. I had gotten the idea to paint our pumpkins when I saw a stunning photo over on Think.Make.Share Instagram's page. It consisted of so many cute colorful painted pumpkins. Immediately I was inspired to create a few of their work. If you'd like to see how our pumpkins turned out just keep reading!
 All of the supplies I owned I purchased from Target. My color palette was super colorful with pink, red, sky blue, white and black for details. You can't forget the most important supply; a variety of pumpkins! My first pumpkin which happens to also be the largest, I planned on painting it completely pink and adding red details throughout the pumpkin. This was inspired by a pumpkin created by Felicia Koloc. Actually, I think a lot of my pumpkins were inspired by her, she's amazing! She created pumpkins that were shared on Think.Make.Share's IG! This was my favorite pumpkin of them all and I was so excited to get started!
For this pumpkin, I wanted to create some colorful stripes so I began with pink, then added red, followed by a sky blue. It turned out very cute if I do say so myself. I also forgot to get a close-up photo of this pumpkin after it was completed whoops.
 It was a lot of fun seeing Rudy enjoy doing some crafts with me. He was so devoted to this pumpkin too!
It took me about three layers of paint until I got this pure pink look. Then little by little with a ton of patience and a lot of time I began drawing up some spooky designs.
As time went on and we were concentrated on designing our pumpkins I completely forgot to take more step by step photos. However, this is the end result of all our pumpkins which I am so proud of. It took me a lot of dedicated time to complete all of my pumpkins since I did paint a total of four and one was larger in size, but they were very well worth it.
These are the two pumpkins Rudy painted. Left, I'm not exactly sure what he was going for here and to be honest it looks like the striped pumpkin I created but he mixed some of our paints to try and create a purple shade. Anyway, when I look at it I kind of get a circus vibe from it. Right, is his favorite and the one he took the most time with his pumpkin which happens to be a Pirate. He even has a patched eye and everything! So creative.
This pumpkin of mine was so tedious. I mixed up paint to create a gray shade and then once it was fully dried I began drawing up a whole bunch of variety of eyes. Some with X's some with an upside-down cross, and others that kind of resembled a cat-eye. This one is definitely the spookiest of them all.
I love how this pumpkin turned out. Originally I have completely different plans for this guy. I had it painted white and wanted to draw some a vampire's mouth. Clearly, I went a whole other direction and I'm happy I did. It turned out so cute and I'm loving all the pink and reds! Once again I painted this cutie in a couple of layers of pink then drew out different sizes of ghosts going in different directions. Painted a few red and the others white, and then I gave them little faces. I also added eyeballs throughout the pumpkin which I think gives it a creepy twist to this cute pumpkin.
Now for my last and most favorite pumpkin! Here I added a few pictures from all angles of my pumpkin so you can see all of the designs I created. I painted a headstone, a couple of ghosts, a crystal ball, a cauldron, candy corn, and a few stars all around. It was pretty hard to try and have all the lines clean and crisp while using a paintbrush but I tried and I love how it turned out.
I now have a few of the pumpkins displayed in my room. Here are the two pinks ones that I currently have on my desk.
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I would love to know which was your favorite pumpkin from this post? Also, please let me know if you're into these DIY kind of posts and if you'd like to see more of them with more Holidays coming up ahead.


  1. GIRL, THESE ARE AMAZING! We are carving pumpkins this evening, and I couldn't decide if I was going to carve or paint mine . . . You've made my decision a lot easier! Also, the last photo of you is lovely. You are the Halloween queen! xx

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  2. Thank you so much Madison! I'm so glad you enjoyed this post and that it was able to give you a little bit of inspiration.


  3. The ghosts pumpkin is my favorite, its so cute!
    I also love how they look on your desk.

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. Thank you Imelda. I'm going to be sad the day I have to take them down.



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