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In today's post, I'm going to be talking all about my experiences with eyelash extensions. Whenever I tell or when people notice I have lash extensions immediately after I get asked tons of questions about them. Most of the questions were ones I had asked myself before I got them done and while I was doing research on lash extensions. I'm hoping that this post will help you if you ever wondered about how lash extensions work, process, cost and if it's really worth it. Maybe you've been wanting to get some of your own and this post can help you make that final decision. This is a pretty lengthy post but very informative. Now grab your coffee, a pen, and paper and let's get started!

Starting off with why I wanted to get eyelash extensions. If you've been a reader of mine for some time now then you've already heard me talk about how short and little natural lashes I have. Above you can see how my natural lashes look. This photo was taken just before I got my first set of lash extensions. No matter how many coats of mascara I apply they rarely make a difference in length. I would always wear false eyelashes which I really enjoyed wearing but after years and years of constantly having to apply coats of mascara followed but falsies, it can get very tiresome. My eyelashes were the second step in my makeup routine that would take me the longest to complete. Just before I decided to get my lash extensions I was still using the false ones and I was beginning to have a lot of issues with them. Some days they wouldn't stick to my eye which was something that rarely happened because the glue I used was fantastic. However, I ran out of my favorite glue and began using another one I heard great things about. It didn't work. Either the lash band wasn't drying completely and sticking to my eye or the corners would lift throughout the day. I was having to do a lot of touch ups throughout the day and it was frustrating. For me personally, eyelash extensions sounded like a dream come true. My cousin referred me to her lash artist and well the rest is history and I've been going to her for the last four months. Now for some questions, you may be asking.

What are eyelash extensions?
It is literally that, lash extensions for your natural lashes. A lash extension is individually glued to your natural lashes. There should only be one lash extension attached per your natural lash hair.

How long does the application take?
This all depends on your lash artist and what style you're looking for. My first time, of course, I had no lashes so I needed a full set. That session took about an hour and a half for her to finish. I asked my lash artist for a natural but semi-full set since it was my first time. Once she was done she told me on my next visit I can always get them more full. When I went in for my refill a few weeks later I still had some lashes with quite a few gaps from fallouts. This time I asked for her to make them fuller/fluffy. That session took about an hour for her to finish and she added a lot of lashes to make them fuller. All of the sessions afterward she usually finishes in less than an hour.

Does it hurt? 
No, it is completely painless. It's kind of relaxing, to be honest, and you can even take a nap. When looking for a lash artist you want them to be certified and have gone to classes for eyelash extensions. You definitely want someone who is professionally trained because you never want to someone who doesn't know what they are doing to work this close to your eyes.

Do they feel heavy? 
Not at all, I don't even feel them. They're so lightweight at times I forget I even have them. I only feel them if they touch the bottom of my eyebrows since I get them kind of long.

Do they damage your natural lashes?
This can be some sort of a controversial answer but in my opinion no they do not. I have only been getting mine done since October of 2018 so maybe that isn't enough time for me to notice anything. However, from all the reviews I have watched on Youtube all of the women said they never noticed anything. My cousin who has been getting hers done consistently for two years or more by the same lash artist I go to says she hasn't noticed any damage. You also want to make sure your lash artist knows what he or she is doing because depending on their work it can strain your natural lashes the same thing goes with your aftercare. That will have a lot to do with it too.

How often do they shed?
This all depends on the lash artist, the quality of the lashes, your natural lashes and again the aftercare. It's normal for a few lashes to fall per day since your natural lashes shed even without you realizing. When I first started to get them done I noticed one side was shedding more than the other which is also very normal.

How long do they last before needing a refill?
They typically last from 3-4 weeks which I find to be pretty accurate. For myself, I've noticed that they can last anywhere from 4 to even 5 weeks. I strictly follow the steps my lash artist tells me on how to care for them at home which works really well. Below I added some photos I took of my lash extensions from the day I got a refill, (forgot to take a picture of week one, sorry.) to week two and week three. On the photo of week three, you can see some slight bald spots from lashes that had fallen off. Week four looks very similar with a few more bald spots but it's not really noticeable. I think I notice it a lot more because I know how full and dark they were before shedding.
Lastly, is it expensive? What is the cost?
I can't only speak for the salon I go to and the girl that does my lashes charges $80 for a brand new set which means you have absolutely no lashes upon your session. For refills, she charges $50 no matter how little lashes I have left on my eyes. So do I think it's expensive? Absolutely not! When I was planning on getting lash extensions I did a lot of researching and watched a lot of review videos on Youtube. A lot of the woman there said you should never pay more than $100 for lash extensions and I couldn't agree more. If I were to get charged that amount or more I wouldn't think they would be worth it. You also never want to pay like $20-$30 for lash extensions. At least I wouldn't necessarily trust an artist for charging so little. Do your research on the lash artists and you can even ask them to look at their portfolios.

- Every lash artist will probably have different aftercare recommendations. This will always vary. A lot of salons will tell you not to get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours after the application, however, my lash artist tells me never to wet them. Whenever I wash my face, shower and wash my hair I try to be very careful and avoid my eyes at all cost. When washing my face I wash around my eyes then later with a damp towel I wipe as close to my lash line as I can get without getting it wet. Sure there are times while I'm showering and they get wet. I try not to wet them as much as I possibly can and if it does get wet I'll dry them off as quickly as I can and gently. Not wetting them is one of the best ways to prolong your lashes.

- Avoid any and all products that contain oils because this will loosen the glue on your lashes causing them to fall off a lot faster than they should.

- You are suggested to brush out your lashes daily, one to two times per day. They will move around and get tangled. Make sure to be very gentle when brushing them out because you can easily pull a lash or two off. Typically I brush them from the top and then from the bottom up. When brushing them from the top (with my eye closed) I noticed that more lashes fall off that way and when brushing them from the bottom up I get the least amount of shedding. If an eyelash is out of place or going the opposite direction that it should be going, with the side of your finger wiggle around the bottom of your lashes close to the lash line. That will help move them back into place.

- Try not to pull on your lashes because you will accidentally pull some out. If they aren't ready to shed it can also hurt.

- Be gentle around the lash line area is you are going to be using any eyeshadows, eyeliner, and or liquid liner. My lash artists told me not to use any makeup on my eyes because it will prolong the life of your lash extensions. You still can apply makeup but be gentle while applying it and also when removing your makeup. I usually don't wear any eye makeup.

- At night time try sleeping on your back or any way that will avoid you from pressing your lashes against your pillow.

A perk I have found about having eyelash extensions is that they are completely personalized to your eye shape! A lot of lash extension salons will have style options to choose from which is nice especially if you're not familiar with what styles you like. With false lashes, they range in all kinds of styles for all eye shapes and sizes. They're not unique at all and most of the time they're too long and you have to cut them to fit your eye size. My lash artist applies the extension specifically catered to my eye shape and I love the way the style looks. During refills, you can even mix up what you normally get. I started off with getting them on the lighter and natural side then I began asking for a fuller set. This last refill I even had her make them longer and I love them. It's fun to try different styles and lengths out until you discover what style is your most favorite.
Kuddos if you've made it with me until the end! I really hope that some of you found this post to be helpful or useful. I'd love to know what are your thoughts regarding eyelash extensions. I know it's not for everyone, I for one can't live without them now. Are you considering getting a set done yourself?


  1. This post was really informative, great job! Your eyelashes look so different, it's incredible! The extensions look really good on you! I'm so tempted to get eyelash extensions but I don't think I will be great at taking care of them.

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. Thank you Imelda! I fell that I definitely needed them haha. I think you should give them a try even if you decide not to commit to them. The after care isn't too difficult besides on days where I just want to throw water on my face for a quick and easy wash but can't, or at least shouldn't lol.


  2. Hi lovely, thanks for such a detailed and informative post.

    I have been considering getting mine done for some time and your review has definitely given me the overview I was looking for x

    P.S Your lashes look amazing xx

    Hayley (

    1. This makes me really happy to hear that you enjoyed my post and that it has also helped you with your decision! Thank you so much! I honestly feel they are so worth it.


  3. OMG your extensions are so gorgeous!!

    Ellie xx


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