What's In My Mansur Gavriel Bag!

I can't even remember when was the last time I shared a 'what's in my bag' post. I felt this was a perfect time and opportunity for me to do an updated what's in my bag post so that I could also showcase my newest designer bag. If you are into handbag related posts then I suggest you check out my designer handbag collection, and if you already have then you're in luck because this bag wasn't featured on there. For Christmas, Rudy got me the black mini bucket bag with the blush interior from Mansur Gavriel. Ya'll already know the obsession I have over these bags and the brand itself. I adore black bags since they are so timeless and even though I already owned two bucket bags, I still had my eye on this specific bag. I'm so happy that Rudy surprised me with this bag. I feel that it's the perfect and final addition I needed for my collection because lord knows I don't need any more bags! Now if you're curious to find out what I carry inside of my MG bag continue reading.
Starting off with keys. Not really much to say about that. I added my Star Wars Princess Leia Funko keychain plush onto my keys because if I have something big like this hanging on them then I'll never lose my keys. I also attached this motel white and gold Home Sweet Home key tag because it was cute.

This is probably a bit boring but I am indeed still carrying around the same red Lily Avenue Kate Spade wallet that I shared a few years ago on a previous what's in my bag post. I still love this wallet so much, it's my ideal wallet. The size is perfect and compact. It fits everything I need to carry and I adore the scallop in front. As much as I love the color red I have never had any kind of urge to purchase a new wallet until recently. I think mostly now owning this black bag would be time to begin looking around for a black wallet that will pair perfectly with it.

To make things easier for me especially when I'm looking for something inside my bag I try to keep most of the smaller items all inside this Ipsy X Valfre bag. Real quick how cute is this Halloween inspired bag that Valfre created with Ipsy for an October release a couple of years back? I've been obsessed with it ever since and I originally was using it to carry my old camera in.
Inside I carry my Alice in Wonderland pen from Disney Tokyo and a sharpie. I normally have a tin of mints but ever since I ran out I always forget to replace so I have been carrying a pack of gum. Essential especially if you go out in public after eating out. It's a perfect way to freshen your breath. I have a mini Hourglass Ambient Lighting face powder and a face brush for touching up my makeup if needed. Ideal for hot summer days! I like to keep a neutral lipstick with me at all times in case I forgot to apply any before leaving the house along with my Fresh chapstick which is amazing! I love that this one leaves a slight tint to my lips. Recently I added this mini Jo Malone Red Roses cologne and I'm so glad that I did. There have been times that I leave my house in a hurry and forget to spray on perfume. Now if that happens I have this lovely perfume with me. Lastly, a couple of rubber bands and bobby pins. You never know when you may need them.

Not pictured: I carry Tums because heartburn happens, a lot. Additionally, a tampon or two in case Aunt Flow surprises me. Those kinds of surprises are never good.
Loosely inside my purse, I have my Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin hand creme. My hands get really dry from washing them so much especially in the winter so I like to have cremes with me so I can keep them moisturized. This one from Jo Malone is so lovely and the perfect size to carry inside my purse.

For much faster access to my chapstick, I have another of the Fresh sugar advanced therapy lip treatment. My lips can get dehydrated very easily and I'm always applying lip balm throughout the day. Like I said I have been loving these ones from Fresh, this one was a birthday gift from Imelda.

I always have to have my earpieces with me. I have been using them so much ever since I started working again. I'm constantly on the go and driving in my car so I can never go anywhere without them. I purchased the Air Pods for Rudy for Christmas and I need to get myself a pair because the wire on these gets caught on everything making it very annoying.

I have a few random Lifesavers mints hanging around at the bottom of my bag. The mint o green is my favorite flavor.

Most of the time I have my sunglasses with me. During the winter or when it's raining a lot I'll take them out of my bag so it won't take up space but I always find myself tossing it back in.
Lastly, another item that has recently been in and out of my bag a lot is my new camera. I have been loving this camera, which I've already mentioned. I'm obsessed with using it, especially on weekends when Rudy and I tend to venture out more. It's so easy to use and you rarely get a bad photo. This is all I use to take photos now!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my bag. What is one item you always must carry with you in your bag?


  1. You have the perfect coloured lining as well.. exactly what I would choose for this bag! It's classic and so practical, I've been umming and aahhhing about getting one for so long!

    Megan | www.dentonandlou.com

    1. Thanks Megan! MG is one of my favorite handbag designers. I think you should definitely treat yourself to one of the bucket bags. You won't regret it.


  2. I love what's in my bag posts, it's been forever since you've done one. I'm glad you did one again! Girl I agree, I need a new wallet. I'm still using that same one you have on this post but in black. I love it so much!

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. I had been browsing around for a new wallet for the last few months while I was using my blush bucket bag and even then I never found one I loved as much as I love this one. I feel it's going to be very hard to find anything that will compare to our current wallet.



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