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Today's post is definitely an exciting one, Rudy and I are finally heading to our long-awaited Honeymoon! Actually, once you are reading this we would have already arrived in New York City! Ever since I was young I always knew I wanted to visit New York. It was a dream I never really thought would happen so I'm beyond ecstatic to finally be visiting. Pack with me videos are some of my favorite kinds to watch. In the past, I've shared a few packing related posts and they were so much fun for me to create. In this post, join me as I pack for New York featuring some of my essentials, what I'll carry in-flight with me, and just a looksy at what exactly I'll be taking along with me!

For this trip, I decided to treat myself to a brand new suitcase. I have had my eye on the Away luggage for a couple of years now. I really wanted one of their carry-ons with the rechargeable battery pack but if I was making a large purchase I wanted to invest in a size I knew I would get the best and most use out of. When making my purchase I finally decided on The Medium in blush, the midsized bag that was made and guaranteed to last a lifetime. I also decided that for this trip to purchase packing cubes since I've heard they are great for keeping things neat and organized. I purchased a set for me and one for Rudy off of Amazon and it was super cheap. I'm hoping it'll help me to not overpack and leave excess space in case I end up buying stuff to take home.

Trying to plan outfits accordingly for each day that we'll be in New York, 3 full days and 2 half days. By doing this and not giving myself too many options I'm hoping it'll prevent me from packing things I won't end up needing. For the days we'll be flying I will be dressing relatively comfortable. I'm planning on wearing leggings, a loose comfy tee shirt, slip-on shoes so it can be easy to get through security, and a jacket to keep me warm in flight. 
In my first packing cube, I'll be packing my tops. I am taking a couple of basic tees one in black and the other in white since they're super easy to style, and a striped tee shirt. Two long-sleeved shirts in case it's a little colder than expected. A floral blue button-down and an extra tee shirt for the flight back home. Lastly, I included a plain black jumpsuit because it's a nice piece and it's such an easy item to pack since it's a complete outfit itself.

For pants, I decided not to use a packing cube since they're a lot thicker and would only end up taking up space too quickly. I am taking two pairs of jeans, a blue and black for options. I'm also taking my polka dot trousers to spark up my wardrobe a bit plus they're super comfy and cute!

This was a bit of a challenge with me because I wanted to take a few more options of jackets just in case, but I was able to narrow it down to two realistic pieces. I'm taking my black leather jacket because it is one jacket I've been grabbing the most often. It's comfy, keeps me warm, goes with literally any outfit, plus if it rains I won't get wet while wearing this. I'm also taking a white cardigan that I recently bought. I can't get enough of it! It's cozy and oversized which I love, plus I can wear it if the weather is a bit warmer. As of right now, I can't decide which one is going to go with me on the plane ride.

For shoes, I narrowed it down to three different pairs. One I'll be wearing on my feet and the other two I will pack inside of a dust bag, which came with the packing cubes, to keep everything else inside my suitcase nice and clean. I'm taking my black and checkerboard slip-on Vans along with my Old Skool Vans.

The next packing cube isn't very exciting. This is where I have packed my pajamas, socks, underwear, and bra.
I have a separate bag with my toiletries which consists of;
- Skincare (Drunk Elephant everything)
- Makeup remover wipes
- Clarisonic
- Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss
- Loofah + shower gel
- Razor
- Body lotion
- Deodorant
- Jo Malone perfume
- Dry shampoo
- Hairbrush, rubber bands, and clips/bobby pins
Since we'll be in New York for about five days I packed some hair products in case I end up wanting to wash my hair. I have this Briogeo bag with all my favorite Briogeo hair products that I recently raved about on my updated hair care routine post!

For my makeup, I'm only taking my everyday products. I have become very basic/minimal when it comes to my everyday makeup wear. When it came down to packing my makeup it was super easy since I'm only taking the essentials with the exception of three different lipstick color options. I won't go into detail as to what I packed for this trip unless this is something you guys would like to see. If that's the case I can do a separate post for that.
Now for a few more things I'm packing but  won't necessarily go in a packing cube are;
- Hair curler
- Umbrella
- Mansur Gavriel purse (extra to change up for outfits)
- Empty reusable water bottle (to refill and use throughout the trip)
And the final items going in a packing cube;
- Advil, Claritin, and Melatonin (to help us sleep with the time difference)
- Jewelry that will go inside of a small box
- Band-aids
- Lint roller
I'm taking my Fjallraven Kanken backpack as my carry-on and inside will include;
- Sanitizer wipes
- Disposable camera
- Canon M6 camera, extra battery pack, camera charger
- iPhone charger and portable charger
- Laptop charger
- AirPods
- Neck pillow
- My planner and notebook with all our plans for the trip
My laptop will definitely be coming along but it will be inside of Rudy's carry-on since my backpack is too small for it to fit.

I decided to include some of the things I'm taking in my purse which is normal day to day use items;
- Wallet
- Cash (always good to have some just in case)
- Sunglasses
- A cosmetic bag that consists of face powder + makeup brush, chapstick, gum, hair tie + bobby pins, mini perfume, and hand sanitizer

I really hope you enjoyed packing with me for this trip. Like I said I'm super excited and can't wait to explore New York! Keep an eye out for posts to come of our trip, places we visited, the places we ate at, and the things we did!


  1. I love packing and organising, it is one of my favourite things about going away!

    Danielle xx

    1. Hi Danielle, same here. Organizing makes me feel so much more at ease when traveling away.


  2. I love packing post. I always look back at them to remind myself what I need. I can't wait to see all of your NY post!

    p.s: Your luggage is gorgeous!

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. I do the same thing! Thank you so much I seriously think this luggage was worth every penny, and their customer service is so kind and helpful. Rudy is even considering getting himself one for our next trip.



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