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It's Fri-Yay, and welcome back to my Food Series post! I'm really happy that I am finally sharing the home of the first original rainbow bagel, The Bagel Store that is located in Brooklyn, New York. This was for sure one of the places I was most excited about visiting due to its colorful food. The Bagel Store is very well known for Scot Rossillo's old fashioned techniques and of course the rainbow bagel that broke the internet. Quickly grab yourself a delicious rainbow and let's start!

The Bagel Store is located in Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY. This is a very small bagel shop with limited seating space. Rudy and I arrived at the store early morning and there wasn't much of a wait. As I said the shop is pretty small, you walk in and can see the large selection of bagels along with a huge variety of cream cheese.
I just have to say they have some pretty unique flavor cream cheese from Nutella, Maple Bacon, and Unicorn cream cheese! I was a bit nervous about how those would taste, I usually play it safe when order food but I felt like being a bit daring this day.
I decided to order their original rainbow bagel along with their unicorn cream cheese. I was a bit nervous about trying the Unicron cream cheese and if I would end up liking it. Surprisingly, it was very good and tasted like a mix of cream cheese and cake frosting. The colors were so beautiful it was almost too cute to eat, almost.
Rudy ordered the Spiderman bagel with their buffalo bacon cheddar cream cheese. He absolutely loved it. I'm glad we were both very satisfied with our bagels it definitely left us wanting more.

I follow The Bagel Store on Instagram and you are able to order bagels from them! All you have to do is sign up for their VIP waitlist and once you get through you can place an order of any of their bagels, minimum orders of a dozen. Rudy loved them so much he wanted us to place an order at least once and from the moment I placed my order it was delivered super quickly! I ordered four of their rainbow bagel, four cotton candy, and four Unicron. They're just so much fun to eat!
What did you think of The Bagel Shop's colorful bagels? If you're ever in Brooklyn you must stop by here and try one of the colorful bagels and even their Funfetti cream cheese! Until next time.


  1. OMG! So many colorful bagels! When I first visited The Bagel Store, it was right when their rainbow bagel went viral so that was the only colorful bagel they had but look at them now. Wow!

    1. Oh wow really? I thought they had a few more when you went. They have so much more online I think to order. They're all so pretty.



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