Summertime Must-Haves

Ever since living out of California for a year, it's really made me appreciate the warm sunny weather. From the moment I moved back to California, I've embraced and made the best out of the ever so hot weather. It's truly the perfect time to throw a BBQ with family or friends, lounge at the pool, enjoy some frozen yogurt, and do lots of exploring! Since we're at the peak of summer, today I've gathered some of my summertime must-have items to share with you all. Although things may tend to differ from year to year, it always stays pretty similar. Enjoy!

There's no surprise that I'm starting off with SPF. Sunscreen is such an essential for me year-round especially in the summer with all of the high UV rays. Every morning a part of my morning skincare routine I incorporate some SPF to my morning serum cocktail mix. For my face SPF, I've been using the Drunk Elephant Umbra with SPF 30 for over a year now. I tend to switch off between this one and the DE Umbra Tint. They're both absolutely amazing the only difference is the Umbra Tint, of course, has a bit of a tint which is perfect for days that I'm not going to apply any makeup and need to head out the house to run errands.
Your body is no different than your face so I always try to make sure I never forget to protect it with a body SPF. A couple of months ago I purchased the Sun Bum Broad Spectrum SPF 50 and it's already one of my favorites. It smells like bananas, yup you heard that right, it sinks into my skin very nicely without leaving that tacky feeling most sunscreens leave behind. Plus, it doesn't leave behind a white cast on my skin. That is something I'm so picky about an SPF on my body because of my tattoos. A previous one I owned did that and my tattoos looked terribly. I need to use SPF in order to protect my skin and of course, prevent my tattoos from fading. However, I didn't want them to look like they had a cast over top, I want them to look as bright and vibrant as they possibly can.

An essential I can not live without during this season is sunglasses! Have you ever left your house and are out and about with the sun beaming on you only to realize you forgot your sunglasses at home? Ugh, I hate that feeling and have experienced it one too many times. I now try to make sure regardless of the purse I'm carrying to always bring a pair of sunnies or at least keep one in the car. It's no fun driving without sunglasses and the sun is constantly blinding you. My latest favorite has been my Ray-Ban Icons 53mm Retro Sunglasses. I've wanted these for so long and finally purchased them early this year. I couldn't be happier with them.
My lips get really dry, heck year-round. I'm always applying lip balm and making sure they're hydrated. With trying to keep cool with having the ac and all of the fans throughout the house on at all time it really dries out my lips even more. I have a couple of favorite lip balms but for very heavy-duty hydration I always reach for my Glossier Balm Dotcom in mango. This lip balm is incredible. It's on the thicker consistency side which makes it great for an overnight application. I always apply a generous layer of it on my lips before bed and I wake up with my lips hydrated and any dryness is long gone. The Balm Dotcom is great because you don't only have to use it as a lip balm, it's pretty universal and can also be used on your cuticles or any dry areas you might have. Recently my nose has been really dry and this has been a lifesaver!
Getting a little into fashion, what's summer without some comfy loose clothing? It's no secret that this year I discovered my new love for jumpsuits and been wearing them nonstop. It's such a one and done outfit all you really have to do is accessorize with some fun jewelry and a handbag. What I love most about jumpsuits is that they're flowy and even though most of them are long, they still manage to keep me feeling fresh. Another plus about jumpsuits is I don't have to worry about any possible chafing! I also really love summer because I get to bring out all my cute dresses. I'm very much a dress kind of girl and love every chance I get to wear one. I find them to be one of the easiest pieces to dress up for a special occasion and duh, I always feel really cute and girly while wearing one. I'm all about floral prints dresses, wrap dresses, plain black dresses, and over the last year, I've been really into sky blue colored dresses like this new one I recently picked up.

I love the idea of styling variety of hats with different outfits. There are so many beautiful hats to choose from, but I always felt so self-conscious wearing them. I finally tried to get over that this year by incorporating hats into some of my outfits every so often. Slowly weaning myself into this new accessory and I've seriously been loving it. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself but I want to purchase a whole bunch of hats in different colors and styles. Not only do I love how it makes an outfit look complete, but it also provides you with some shade which is perfect in the blazing summer sun. I'm always hiding from direct sunlight.
I'm all about keeping my feet fresh especially when it's hot out. I hate wearing socks, especially in spring and summer so I typically opt for sandals or mules. I have been getting so much use from my Slip On Mules from Target. They're so pretty and so easy to style with jeans, jumpsuits, and dresses! I'm so obsessed with them and they're relatively comfortable. A pair of sandals I have recently been living in which has been my go-to when running errands are my Birkenstock Arizona Eva Sandals. These are some of the comfiest sandals I have ever own. I know they aren't for everyone but I love them and honestly want to own more in a variety of shades. The Eva I believe is one of their newest sandals, it's completely waterproof and so light on your feet from the material. They can also be pretty fashionable too depending on how you style them.

We can not forget about the cute summer purse! I own a variety of handbag that I typically use any time of the year. Recently I have been really into using a circled bag for the summertime. One of my most used circled bags this season hands down is my Circle Straw Crossbody Bag from Urban Outfitters. I'm positive we're all aware of how popular rattan has become over the last couple of years. This bag is such a statement piece I get countless compliments and questions about it every time I wear it out. I've worn this bag with just about every outfit and it always looks so good. It's the perfect vacation bag as well!
I sure do love a clean fresh smelling perfume more so during spring and summer. I have a rather large perfume collection so you could only guess are the difficulty it is to only stick to one. The three that I have been rotating are Jo Malone London Nettle & Wild Achillea, Silk Blossom, and Wild Bluebell cologne. I feel like JM can do no wrong as I do close to all of her fragrances. I find them all to have such beautiful and unique scents, lots of floral-fruity scents that are right up my ally. Once I'm all done getting myself ready for the day I look forward to choosing the fragrance of the day. I've already raved about how much I've been loving Silk Blossom, it's so yummy. Prior to that, I couldn't put down Nettle & Wild Achillea. This cologne is so different from the ones I own, it's very green and I just love how fresh it leaves me smelling through the day.

Lastly, I can not forget my beloved Canon M6 Camera. This baby has been such the game changer when it comes to taking photos of literally everything. I only ever use my camera to take the photos I share on here along with the photos I post on my Instagram. I'm obsessed with the quality of it and the depth in my photos. It was seriously such a smart investment and I can't wait to begin purchasing a new lens for it and see how much more this camera can do for me. It's been doing such an incredible job at capturing all the wonderful fun memories I've been making through all the seasons.

What did you think about my summertime must-haves?
What are some of your must-haves of this season that you think I missed?


  1. Such beautiful photos! I really want to try out the mango balm dotcom - I love the birthday one!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thank you Lucy! I think you'd really like the mango flavor! It's perfect!


  2. Gorgeous pictures Hun, I love this bag so much and really want to try some Glossier products soon!! x

    Grace Louise ||

  3. I see them camera skills, these pictures are stunning!

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. Awe thank you so much! I worked really hard and kind of last minute on the photos for this post. I was so pleased with how the pictures turned out.



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