La Petite Blue Dress

In today's post, I wanted to share a little bit of fashion. I know I'm always saying this but I really do want to put out more fashion content for you guys. I shared a couple of photos of this outfit on my Instagram and I was pretty blown away with all of the compliments I received. I wasn't planning on doing a dedicated outfit post about this outfit but after the response, I just knew I had to. Luckily I had taken enough photos to share all of the details with you guys.

Rudy and I were in our backyard as he was helping me snap some photos for a post when we decided to take a small break and shoot some outfit photos. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it online over at Urban Outfitters. I was originally planning on picking up the black version but there was something about this blue that was calling my name. I have really been into this shade of blue lately. While shooting these photos in the backyard I legit felt as if I was Alice in Wonderland, silly I know. It gave me that warm feeling of child-like happiness, the fact that this dress could make me feel as if I were apart of a fairytale was so magical to me. Also, let's not dismiss those incredible puff sleeves!

Regrettably, I forgot to have Rudy snap photos of the back of the dress. As I said I wasn't really planning on sharing a post on this outfit at first. I'll have a photo of the back details from the model on down below. The back of the dress was pretty much the whipped cream on top of my iced coffee. It has an open back which normally I stay away from since I always need to wear a bra. However, the dress fits me like a glove that surprisingly I'm able to get away without needing to wear a bra because of the support I get from the bust. It's a dream dress I'm telling ya!
I paired this dress with some of my favorite accessories. The pearl hair clip I'm wearing is from Amazon. I love how cute it looks with a variety of outfits. My necklace is the September Birth Flower - Peony from Made By Mary. It's quickly become one of my favorite necklaces. Sunglasses, of course, are the Icons 53mm Retro sunnies from Ray-Ban. The rest shouldn't be a surprise, shoes are from Target one of my current favorite slip-on mules, and my purse is my beloved straw bag from Urban Outfitters. You can find a lot more info on my summertime must-haves post!
I used to never enjoy wearing dresses but over the last few years, they've become essential pieces in my wardrobe. What did you all think of this outfit?


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