50 Things That I Love

Whenever I'm going through a rough patch in life or if I'm having a bad day, I always try to remember the good things that are in life. Most of the time when I think of the things that bring me joy or the people that I love, it really helps lift my mood and immediately puts a smile on my face. Today I wanted to share fifty things that I love and enjoy doing to get me out of a funk. Hopefully, on days you're feeling down this will inspire you to think of the things you love and that brings you joy in life leaving you too with a smile on your face.

1. Music, all kinds
2. Doing face masks
3. Anything rose-scented
4. Red-orange lipstick
5. Coffee
6. Weekends at home
7. My husband
8. Journaling
9. Photography
10. My babies; Juicy and Bowie
11. Collecting records
12. Lighting candles
13. My red hair
14. Disneyland
15. Adventures
16. Autumn weather
17. Scary movies
18. Passion Fruit Jade iced tea
19. Blogging
20. Family
21. Tattoos
22. Baths + bath bombs
23. Fluffy pillows
24. Polaroids
25. Frozen Yogurt
26. Bouquets of flowers
27. Receiving packages
28. Dresses
29. Early mornings
30. Cooking
31. Good friends
32. Singing
33. Halloween + Thanksgiving + Christmas
34. Traveling
35. Photobooks
36. Cake
37. Dates with friends
38. Fresh clean bedding
39. Jo Malone fragrances
40. Reality Tv
41. Rainy mornings
42. Cuddling
43. Walks with Juicy and Bowie
44. Cozy sweaters
45. Nail painting
46. Endless phone calls
47. Planning things
48. Museums
49. Reading
50. Self-care


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