Honey Creme

Welcome back to another one of my Food Series post! Today I am bringing you along with me to visit a delicious and different soft ice cream shop called Honey Creme located in Milpitas. Honey Creme opened it's doors a year ago this summer. They have a wide variety of desserts to choose from. A few of their popular ice creams are the Cereal Milk, Honey, and Popcorn. They serve some pretty cute ice cream cones with flavors such as Honey Comb, Honey, and Cotton Candy. Honey Creme even offers Affogato and Boba teas.

 This is a rather small shop but the aesthetic is so pleasing. Something that immediately caught my eye was this tower of rainbow ice cream cones. How could you not take a picture of this masterpiece? I believe Rudy and I were lucky and stopped by on an evening that it wasn't very busy. We took our order as soon as we arrived and just a few minutes later we were given our treats.

As I mentioned Honey Creme has a large ice cream selection. The first ice cream I heard about was their Cereal Milk and I was intrigued. Rudy ordered the Honey ice cream and we enjoyed our desserts right outside since it was a perfect day to do so.

The Cereal Milk ice cream had honey drizzled around with cereal pieces. It was so good I would absolutely love to pick this up again. I wasn't sure how much I would like it since I can't usually eat too much honey without feeling grossed out, I don't know why, but it was the perfect amount and really added the tiniest touch of sweetness to the cereal. My favorite part of the ice cream was for sure the cereal.

Rudy's Honey ice cream wasn't bad either, he quite enjoyed it. As for me, a small bite was all I can take because once the honey is mixed into the ice cream the taste becomes really prominent. This would be a honey lovers dream. Rudy did say that he would probably go with something else next time.
This is such a cute small little place to hang out inside or outside while enjoying a refreshing treat. I'm hoping Rudy and I can visit it one more time before summer comes to an end.


  1. Oh wow, I am salivating, these look so delicious! Thank you for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.



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