My Second Trimester Journal Entries

As you can already tell from the title, today I am going to share the timeline throughout my second trimester. How is it possible that I'm already in the third trimester? Like what, how did that happen. I swear I always heard women express how being pregnant felt never-ending and how time dragged. I've probably said this once or twice before, when I first found out I was pregnant at exactly three weeks and six days pregnant, time was going by so slowly. Once I shared the news that I was expecting and no longer had that huge secret to keep I feel that was when time really started picking up. I'm going to stop rambling now, and get on to sharing my timeline of how I was feeling once I entered the second trimester along with exciting moments that happened throughout the weeks leading up until the third trimester.

Entering the second trimester at fourteen weeks pregnant one of the first things I noticed was that I was slowly getting my energy back. As the weeks went by my fatigue was diminishing and I was napping less and less. I was finally feeling more and more like myself and I was so happy about this. Regaining my energy I was able to do more of my daily tasks around the house. I was feeling more productive again since I've never been one to nap and not do much throughout the day.

I was no longer on my IVF medications and all the bloating I had going on from all the medications finally started to disappear. Around fourteen weeks was when I realized a tiny baby bump was making its debut. I still couldn't believe this whole "I'm pregnant" thing was real.

I can't remember exactly what week this began, maybe between weeks fifteen through sixteen, I had my first encounter with round ligament pain. This wasn't unbearable pain but definitely uncomfortable as this pain is caused by your uterus growing and stretching inside. Laying down and taking it easy helped ease the pain but it's a common feeling while growing a human being inside your uterus.

This is such a weird and random one I feel but my friend said the same thing happened to her. Before sixteen weeks hit I started to have some strong and random gag reflex. When I say this would happen randomly, I mean it would happen very randomly. It would happen sometimes when I would brush my teeth which I hear is common with pregnant women. I had a lot of congestion and would blow my nose often and every time I would be done I could gag nonstop for a while. One main thing that was making me gag was the calcium gummy supplement I have to take. Something about it being in a gummy form would make me gag instantly and it got worse as the weeks went by. I can no longer take those and had to switch to pills.

My mom and friend would tell me since I'm having a girl I would feel her move pretty early on and I couldn't believe them as this was my first pregnancy its common to feel the baby from 18-22 weeks. I started feeling the baby move by sixteen weeks! I was a couple weeks shy of sixteen weeks and I started feeling something foreign in my belly that felt like a muscle spasm/popcorn popping. It wasn't frequent yet but it was such a wonderful feeling.

 At seventeen weeks I experienced lightning crotch. I still find it so crazy the things you and your body go through while being pregnant. It was quite sudden when I had my encounter with it. I remember laying down in bed watching tv and all of a sudden I had a shooting pain go down my pelvic. Not the most comfortable feeling and it happened about three times. I have yet to get them again and shortly after I purchased a yoga ball since I read that it will help with both round ligament pain and lightning crotch. Whenever I'm having some pain or feeling tight I will sit on my yoga ball and do stretches and it helped a ton.

One common pregnancy symptom I heard of is getting headaches/migraines. I suffer from occasional headaches that can last anywhere from 2-3 days and they're terrible. I can't imagine anything worst. However, since getting pregnant I hadn't experienced any headaches until the second trimester. They're still not any fun and feel exactly like I remember them. You are allowed to take Tylenol for headaches but being pregnant I want to try and avoid all medications as much as I possibly can. Sometimes when my headaches are so unbearable I have no choice and have to pop a Tylenol every few hours so I can function. I've learned a few natural remedies to ease the pain and most of the time it really helps a ton. This is something I'm having to just take one day at a time.

There's probably no surprise here but I'm still getting up every single night to go pee. Yay. I get up at least 3-4 times at night to pee and no matter what I do, from drinking less water before bedtime or even try cutting all liquids by seven pm, I still have to get up at night and pee. I've been told this only gets worse in the third trimester.

I've noticed that baby girl is the most active in the mornings and night time. I usually wake up when Rudy is heading to work and as I'm trying to go back to sleep I will start to feel her kicking away and squirming around. At night time as soon as I turn to my side to sleep I'll feel her hitting or kicking the side I'm laying on and sometimes it'll continue going on until I doze off. Every time I try to feel her she stops moving.

I had my anatomy scan at twenty-one weeks. This was the ultrasound I had most anticipated. I loved seeing my baby girl on the big screen, gosh she had grown so much since I last saw her at seventeen weeks. Again, she was being stubborn and the technician had some difficulties getting certain necessary photos, but all in all, she managed to get what she needed. Everything looked great and the tech said she had no concerns from everything she saw in the ultrasound. She also told me that baby girl was measuring right on point and was weighing at 15oz! I can't!

At exactly twenty-one weeks and a day, Rudy finally felt the baby kick! It was such a special moment for him to have finally felt her kick, I got super emotional. I still hadn't felt her kick from outside my belly but I was so happy he was finally able to fell her for himself since I do feel her from the inside so much.

I finally felt the baby kick from outside of the belly at twenty-one weeks and five days! It felt so cool I couldn't believe it. It was so random too I just had my hand over my belly and she kicked me. I can't wait for more frequent movements and to feel her become stronger as she grows. Being able to feel her more often definitely gives me way more peace of mind knowing she's ok in there.

I can't remember exactly when this started but I saw the baby move from outside of my belly. This was one of the moments I have been most looking forward to. It was a small hit but so amazing nonetheless. Rudy and I keep saying how we can't wait until we're able to see her twisting and turning around. She is getting so much more active every single day and she moves around so much now.

This makes me one proud mama and flat out shows that this is my baby girl. I have been playing a lot of music for her to listen to. I started off playing a lot of Disney lullaby songs and then randomly I began playing Lana Del Rey for her. Every time I play Lana for her she starts kicking and dancing away. This blows my mind and I wasn't sure if it was a coincidence but let me tell you it's not haha. She will be sleeping in my belly without any movements while we're in the car and then out of nowhere she will start moving, kicking, turning, kicking and it goes on for a while. Then I realize she had woken up because Lana was on haha. It's so cute! Playing some of her music is the best way for me to get her to move so people can see her kicks or for people to feel her.

As the belly grows back pain comes along with it. I never had back pains until maybe around twenty-three weeks. Back pain isn't something that has been bothering me too often, but it's something that comes and goes. I get it more when I'm on my feet for too long or when I'm overdoing it on the cleaning/chores. I'm realizing more and more that I have to take it easy and take frequent breaks. Rudy and I also felt that our mattress was probably not giving my body the support it needed so we invest in a new mattress. We have been obsessed with it and I feel like I'm getting better sleep and I wake up way less sore and achy.

I get asked a lot what are my cravings and in all honesty, I don't think I have many if any. I had moments where I was really loving specific things such as cold fresh fruits and bagels but nothing excessive. At twenty-four weeks I started craving iced chocolate milk and not just any chocolate milk, chocolate milk from Starbucks with extra ice and every so often I add a shot of espresso. If you haven't tried this I highly suggest you do so because it is delicious. This is one thing I can now say I've been craving and daily too.

At twenty-six weeks Rudy and I, well mostly Rudy, set up the crib and started on some nursery preparation. So far we have the crib up with the mattress, still covered in its plastic though. With the help of my dad, because he's such a perfectionist when it comes down to these things, the bookshelves were hung along with the cutest rattan wall hanger and two shelves. I enjoy sitting back and stare at this side of the room imagining what it will all look like once it's completed. It makes me so excited. I'm aiming to have everything done once October rolls around, which is so soon! I want to have everything ready just in case the baby decides to come a bit early. I have been recording every step of the decorating process and I'm so excited to share a mini room tour once it's all completed.

I had my one-hour glucose test at twenty-seven weeks. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and the drink wasn't bad compared to what people made it out to be. Unfortunately, I failed the test by two freaking points and will now have to retake it in the three-hour test. I'm not looking forward to this but all in all, I hope I pass this time around.
Here I am freshly into the third trimester, still, in shock, that time only continues to race by. I look forward to sharing more on my pregnancy journey with you all. These entries will be so special to have so that I can look back on in the future.


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