Our Baby Shower

Over the weekend Rudy and I had a small and intimate baby shower. Even with this pandemic going on it was so nice to have some of my favorite people around to celebrate the newest little member that will be joining the family very soon!

Way before I was even pregnant I had said I would love to have a bumblebee themed baby shower. While undergoing fertility treatments in 2019, I became really fond of bees. To me, they represent a form of resilience something I felt I had no choice but to acquire while battling infertility. Being able to see the way this idea of mine was turned into a reality was a dream. My family, Rudy, and I had been talking and prepping for this day for months. I'm so pleased with how everything turned out.

I am extremely thankful for all of the family and friends that have supported Rudy and myself throughout our entire fertility journey, along with all of the people who are now by our sides as we quickly approach our newest journey as parents. Here are some photos of the day.


  1. Such an adorable baby shower! I love the cake - such a cute theme! :)
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

  2. Oh, wow! Everything looks sooo lovely, Juliana! I especially love the honey favors. <3

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s


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