Maternity Photoshoot

I almost decided to skip on having maternity photos taken for a few different reasons, however, I'm so glad that we didn't. I will probably say this with each new set of photos Rudy and I take, but these have become some of my favorites for obvious reasons. This maternity shoot was such an accomplishment for me because one, I'm finally pregnant! Even though I'm so close to the end of my pregnancy with less than five weeks to go I still can't believe we've been blessed with this miracle. Rudy and I always wanted kids and we never thought that we would have to go through what we did in order to make that dream of becoming parents come true. After so much struggle, so many tears, and heartbreaks we're finally here and so close to meeting our daughter. Today I'm sharing a batch of my favorite photos that were taken. It was seriously so hard to narrow them down.


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