Honey Jar Baby Shower Favors

In today's post, I'm going to share a small DIY project that I recently did for my baby shower a couple of weeks back. I have an entire post that is filled with pictures from the baby shower that can be found on my blog. It was such a fun day so feel free to check that post out. 

I had been dreaming about my baby shower for nearly two years and I knew I wanted it to be a bumblebee theme. I had a few ideas on the party favors I wanted to hand out and in the end, I'm so happy with what I decided to go with. For the party favors, I chose to go with homemade mini jars filled with honey and wooden honey dipper sticks wrapped around it. These favors couldn't have turned out any cuter and they were so simple to make. Here's how I created them.
Things you will need:
-Clear mini jars
-Wooden honey dipper sticks
-Customized sticker *optional*
First things first, I started off by filling up the mini jars with honey. I made sure I filled each one with the same exact amount of honey so that they all had a uniform look.
Next, I cut a piece of twine, again making sure each strand of string were close to the same size, I wrapped it twice around the closed jars and tied a knot. I went with twine because I loved the rustic look it gave these jars plus it went really well with the theme.
Thirdly, it was time to add the wooden honey dipper sticks to each jar. I tied the knot super tight so that the sticks wouldn't be loose and slip off. I also made half of the favors with the dipper going towards the left and the other half going towards the right. I loved the way this made all the favors look once they were all complete and displayed inside of a wooden box I picked up specifically for this purpose. Finish tieing the twine by adding a bow. It's the perfect finishing touch.
Finally, I felt these favors wouldn't be completed without a personalized touch. I went over to Etsy and searched for the perfect personalized tag to add to these favors. At first, it was quite difficult for the perfect piece. I went back and forth with a few different options from mini tags or a sticker. Clearly, in the end, I opted for a sticker option, and I'm so pleased. I purchased these personalized Honeybee baby shower stickers from the shop NaturallyTaylored. I left a note stating what I wanted the stickers to say, "Juliana's Baby Shower" with the date of the event below. Once shipped they arrived super quick, and they fit perfectly on top of the lids.

Once the stickers are placed on the lid, you're all done and you're left with the cutest little honey jar ever!
Thank you so much for joining me in today's DIY post. I hope you enjoyed learning how I created my baby shower favors, with some help from Rudy of course. These make the perfect keepsake to either display it somewhere in your home or to even use it if you're a honey lover. I can't wait to show and share it with my daughter in the future once she's older.


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