Sweet Buttercream Frosting

I absolutely love to bake, it's so much fun especially the decorating part. It's a hobby of mine especially when I'm sitting around at home left with nothing else to do. Today I decided to finally try making a sweet buttercream frosting. I've never made some myself but how hard can it be? I watched a few tutorials on YouTube, then got an easy recipe to follow. Here's a little step by step on how I recreated this sweet buttercream frosting.

Ingredients you will need:
2 sticks of unsalted butter
1 box (16oz.) of powdered sugar
1 tbs of vanilla extract

I started making my buttercream while my cake was already baking in the oven. You can choose any kind of cake for this I just went with a Pillsbury boxed cake I had at home, the flavor I had was an orangesicle which was my first time trying it & it was pretty yummy by the way.

First, start off with your 2 sticks of unsalted butter. You want your butter to be softened so I just microwaved mine for about 25 seconds checking it every 10 seconds to make sure it wasn't melting or getting liquidy & mixing it between each stop. You want it to go from looking like the picture on the left to the one on the right.
After that put the butter into your mixer, I had my mixing for about a minute so it can fluff up.
Now grab your powdered sugar. You won't be using the entire 16oz. you'll really only need 4 cups of it. Pour your powdered sugar & you're going to want to sift it first before mixing it into your butter. This is going to help get rid of any big chunks in the powder & will help mix your powdered sugar & butter better. Then once you are done sifting add 4 cups of the sugar into the mixer with your butter & mix. Make sure to stop the mixer once in a while to scrape off the sides of the bowl along with the bottom of your bowl.
Time for the fun part & my favorite part, the food coloring! Choose any food coloring you want to add to your buttercream you can even choose not to add any if that's what you want. I, of course, went with Peach no surprise there. Also at this time, you can also add any flavoring you'd like. I went with vanilla.
Your buttercream is now all done & ready to start decorating your cake! I was feeling very creative today & decided to make a two layer cake & added some cute little pearl balls to the top of the cake as well.
That's it! Wasn't it so easy to make? Such a cute & simple looking cake. I hope your sweet buttercream frosting came out as good as mine did. I was very pleased with it. Is there any recipes you would like me to create next? What's your favorite dessert to bake?


  1. YUM
    I want this so badly right now haha

    1. It's was super yummy & so easy to make! I just made a cream cheese one that was even better haha

  2. I was planning to bake a butter cream frosting cake for my daughter's birthday however i had some queries in my mind. Thanks to this group i got an amazing recipe along with some great baking tips.

  3. The frosting looks super easy and really yummy ! I want to try it soon , thanks for sharing this super easy recipe. Good job girl


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