Tattoo Sunday

On Sunday I had an appointment to add yet another piece to my tattoo collection. It's funny every time after I'm done getting a tattoo I tell myself "Ok I'm done with tattoos for a long while now." Then I always find myself sitting on that chair anticipating that moment for my artist to begin. It's really true what they say tattoos are an addiction haha. It's definitely not for everyone I know but as for me I absolutely love them. I won't get too much into tattoos & about all my other tattoos so I'll probably save that for another post.

I decided to add another piece to my thigh. I already have the sides of both my thighs done but for a couple of years now I've been wanting to add something to the front of one. I love thigh tattoos I think they're such a great spot also very sexy. I never knew exactly what I wanted so I never rushed it since I'm guilty of doing that in the past & have regretted it. A week ago I finally figured out what would be perfect to add to that spot; a Fawn Lady. I have such a big obsession with fawns/deer I love them! They're so pure so innocent something about them I can't even explain it. I love doing my makeup like them for fun. Even last year for Halloween I dressed up as one & Rudy was the hunter haha cute couples costume & a last-minute decision.

That being said once I knew exactly what I wanted I quickly texted my artist & told her all about what I had in mind & set up my appointment. We were both so excited about this piece. I originally wanted to do sessions since it was going to be a pretty big piece & yes I have tons of tattoos but there's only so much pain a girl can take. Chelsey (my tattoo artist) really wanted to do it all in one sitting, scared as I was about that I decided one session it was! I knew I was going to need to use my numbing gel for it, which I did.

I'm so glad I did it all in one sitting cause I'm in love with this piece. Chelsey did everything I wanted & more. She is such an amazing artist her works show it all. She's so fun & cool to hang out with too, this is my second piece done by her. My first was the teacup from the Alice in Wonderland ride in Disneyland with some wildflowers in it & I'm still in love with that piece to this day. She has such uniqueness to her work I love it. If you're near her you should check her out or even check out her work on Instagram! Enough rambling here is the tattoo from start to finish!

Look at that ombré hair!
Close up on her details.
She even has her septum pierced I think it's SO cool!
(The first piece I got done by Chelsey.)

My thigh is now very sore, very swollen, & very angry haha time for the healing process to begin. 



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