Disneyland Tokyo Haul

Two haul posts in one week?? Haha I almost wasn't going to do this post but figured this is way too cute to pass up. A little over a month ago I discovered a account on Instagram called Wakajp8. A friend of mine had posted about her account saying that she is a personal shopper in Tokyo, which means if there is anything you've been wanting to get from Disneyland or Store in Tokyo she can pick it up for you and have it shipped to you. As soon as I had seen that I hit the follow button and sent her a message. There was already a few items from Disneyland Tokyo that I really wanted but I figured I would probably never get my hands on unless I decided to over pay for them on eBay, no thank you. The items I had been eyeing was a new release and it is the Alice Curious Garden Strap keychains.
When Tomoko messaged me back on Instagram she told me that she would be going to the stores to check the inventory on the keychains the following day. She also asked for my email address so she could notify me along with the prices. Once she emailed me back she informed me that each of the items were $13 and the keychains they had in stock were; Dinah, the Doorknob, the Breadbutterfly, Door Mouse and the Broom Dog. I decided I wanted to get all except the Doorknob and the Broom Dog. A day or so later when she went back to the store to pick up my items she was notified that they had the Hedgehog in stock at a different location and messaged me asking whether I'd like to add it to my cart as well. Of course I had to get it, it's so darn cute! I was a little sad that they didn't have the baby Oyster since I think that one is just to die for but I am happy with all the ones I did get.  
Tomoko shipped out my items very quickly and they arrived within a week. I don't think I had ever been so excited to receive a package like I was with this one. Once I got the package I had to sign for it and I already saw how cute the box was. She lined the box with Disney washi tape and had written thank you on one side. Once I opened the box there was a letter in a clear envelope along with a few Disneyland Tokyo store bags; Easter edition which is so cute! Then there was a bigger bag with the keychains. I opened it up very eager ha ha and they were perfect. Even cuter in person I'm obsessed. They look amazing and look like they were each made with the upmost care. They each also come with two different chains that you can use. When I went to Disneyland a few weeks ago I knew I wanted to wear one of these on my purse as a cute little charm. I ended up taking the Breadbutterfly. It was really cute seeing peoples reactions once they noticed I had a Breadbutterfly on my purse. Also when Alice and the Hatter saw it hanging they got super excited which just made my day. My obsession for Alice is beyond real you guys ha ha.
I am very happy with this purchase although it was a bit pricey and of course international shipping rates are a tad more than they are here but that's to be expected. I figured why not purchase them, they are rare items exclusively from Tokyo which is so cool, and its not like I'm going to be placing a order from there weekly. However late last week I placed my second order from her and I'm now waiting for my package to arrive! I plan on going through Tomoko to place a order future Disneyland Tokyo orders. I had a great experience with her and a pleasure doing business with her as well :) You guys should check her out I've already recommended her to many friends of mine.


  1. everything about this is so cute

  2. Such a cute post. I need to get myself one. 😍

    1. Thank you! I just want everything Alice from Tokyo! Hahah

  3. I love that bread butterfly


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