May Ipsy Bag! 2016

I haven't shared my Ipsy bag unboxing since January's bag, and thats because I haven't been too thrilled with the items I received. I'll like 2 out of 5 of the products that's been sent to me or I'll only like the bag entirely more over the products. I'm not going to lie sometimes I even forgot to share and create a post all about it. I got this bag a couple of days ago and I'm going to be sharing it with you guys today.

First I wanted to start off by talking about the bag. I have never cared for the bags Ipsy send out, like ever. However they have been on point with them lately. I usually give them away to friends or my mom but I have been actually saving the ones from these last few months. March's bag was my absolute favorite of them all and I now carry my camera inside. Ok I'm getting off track here, so this months bag I believe they sent out different shades again like they have done in the past. When I got the email stating my bag had been shipped there was a picture of a blue bag with this same white print. Once I opened my my package it so happened to be a pink bag which I ended up really liking. One of my friends even mentioned that she had see that someone received a purple bag. I really like that Ipsy has been sending out different shades of bags I think it makes it that more exciting to see which one you're going to receive. 
Starting from left to right; the first item I received was this Épicé Hydrating Mask. I believe I have gotten items from this brand before I just can't think of what. I am excited to give this mask a try. My skin type is oily but I do still like to use a hydrating mask on myself every one in a while. My favorite way to use masks like this is typically after I finished using a breakout treating mask. Those masks tend to dry my break outs so by going in with something like this afterwards will prevent me from having dry spots. Even if you have oily skin you still want to hydrate your skin. The more you take away hydrate from your skin the more it will produce oils, which will cause you to be oily.

Second product is a Pacifica eyeshadow trio. I have tried items from this brand before and I've liked them. Ipsy has sent me eyeshadows from them in the past which I have used a few times. This trio I can't see myself using too often or anytime soon because with the warmer weather coming up I tend to stay away from eyeshadows and if I do wear any I keep it very natural looking. I also usually gravitate more to grabbing my pallets over smaller or single shadows that aren't in my Z Pallet. I do think I will love the copper looking shade thats farthest to the left. I swatched it and looked so pretty on my hand. A perfect wash of color.

The next item is a nail polish and I'm not very into this mainly because of the color. This nail polish is from the brand Aurora which I have never heard of before. It says its a gel effect nail lacquer which I absolutely love but like I just mentioned the color, its a little too loud for me. This is the shade "Safety Orange", which I wouldn't really feel safe using ha ha. I do want to at least give it shot to see how it wears and lasts. If I end up liking it maybe I can look into other shades from this brand.

I'm always excited when Ipsy sends me a makeup brush and this time I was even more excited because this brush is probably the cutest one I now own. It's from the brand Glamour Dolls and it has a blue handle with adorable little whales all around it now how cute is that? Once again I have never heard of this brand but I already know I will love this brush because it's really soft and feels like it will really blend my shadows out very well. This is the number 10 brush.

Lastly I received a water proof gel eyeliner from It Cosmetics. I'm already a fan of this brand and have purchased from them in the past. Ipsy has also sent me an item from them before which was really awesome. I'm not a big eyeliner wearer but I will definitely give this a shot on one of those rare occasions that I do wear eyeliner. I'm also curious to see  how it will wear, I don't typically use anything waterproof so this will probably last a lot better on my waterline and nothing ever lasts on my waterline.
Once I'm done opening my bag for the month I immediately get excited and anxious for what I will be getting next month. Are you subscribed to Ipsy? What did you get this month?



  1. That bag is so cute !

    1. Agreed! I'm happy I got the pink baggie :)

  2. I got the purple one, hella random but I thought I would get the blue one. I can't wait to post about mine, we got a lot of the same items.

    1. Yay! Remember last time we got completely different things.


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