Disneyland Trip

I am finally bringing to you today photos from my Disneyland trip. This took me so long because I took so many photos this trip. Normally while I'm at Disneyland I will only post a couple photos on Instagram or Facebook but this time I was spamming ha ha and I didn't even care. I was having so much fun I wanted to share it with everyone. Let's get started!
This was technically our second day at the park. We arrived early afternoon on a Sunday but did a lot of rides then followed by some shopping so I did't get any photos that day.
Left Photo: The Hatter watering the flowers on my sleeve. Right Photo: His reaction when I asked for Alice and he responded with, "Why are you looking for that little brat?" Ha ha, he's one of my favorite Hatters.
We went on the tea cups ride a lot this trip. 
Cool effects on the tea cup ride using my camera.
My other favorite Hatter, and he remembers me! He asked me if we had met before and I said yes! Didn't get to see my favorite Alice this trip but this Alice was a new one I'd never seen her before. I liked her, she even noticed my breadbutterfly charm on my purse. The Hatter said since it was a hot day we will be drinking iced tea and I said yes peach iced tea. He then turned to Alice and told her that I called him a peach ha ha, they're so much fun.
On Tuesday while we were at the Park Rudy mentioned that James Franco was at the parks celebrating his birthday. Him and a group of friends came dressed up like David Bowie. I just thought what are the odds we will see him. We left the parks to go eat then headed to the hotel for a while to rest. While we were out a friend of mine that was at the DCA saw him as he was about to get on the Cars Ride, super jealous. Later we came back and were on our way to get on the tea cups ride when I noticed the line was huge! Then I looked to my left and saw a guy dressed up all colorful kind of David Bowie(ish) he was looking into the tea cups ride and I quickly looked into the ride and found James on the tea cup ride! Rudy then mentioned that the guy I spotted was James older brother. The cast members were super strict!!! One quickly ran to me and told me to please respect James' privacy and I just responded that I was doing anything nor was I even taking a photo of him which I wasn't. That was really frustrating but I tried not to let that get to me. Once he got off her went to the Alice in Wonderland ride and as he was about to head in the ride Rudy snapped this photo of him. He was being sneaky I didn't even know ha ha. Now we randomly tell each other "remember that time we saw James Franco?" It was pretty cool being so close to him.
I'm having serious Disneyland withdrawals. I had so much fun this trip it could possibly be because I felt we got a lot done. I can't wait for our next trip and it can't come any sooner.



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