Drinking: lots of smoothies! If you read my new year, new me post then you know that one of my New Years resolutions was to start adding more fruits and fruit smoothies into my diet. I am happy to say that I have been successful at doing this, at least five days out of the week. When grocery shopping I have picked up tons of fresh fruits and some frozen ones. I've been trying to make a different flavored smoothie each day so that I won't get bored or tired of them. A few of my favorites consist of fresh bananas, carrots, frozen peaches, greek peach yogurt, splash of orange juice, milk and ice! This smoothie tastes like a tropical dream definitely on the top of my favorites list. Another favorite is made up of fresh bananas, blueberries, peanut butter, milk and ice. Yummy now I want to go make myself a cup! I have a lot more different recipes I'd like to try and experiment with. There may be a possible smoothie post in the future.

Obsessing over: Lush bath products! I've getting more and more into Lush products especially recently. During Lush's holiday sale I managed to picked up a lot of new items which I already shared here. It's been so much fun trying out new products and it's made me look forward even more for bath time haha. I've been enjoying their products that help moisturize your skin since we are in winter and my skin tends to get a little dry during this time of year. It's been really nice to relax while pampering myself in a bubble bath. Two products that I've been most using right now is the Shooting Star soap bar and the Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream. I spoke about both these items on my lush haul post so I won't bore you guys in this post but these two are so good in different ways. The shooting star soap leaves me squeaky clean and I love the citrus scent of it. Yuzu shower cream is a moisturizing wash that helps hydrate my skin while I wash myself. I'm pretty much stocked in a lot of their bath products, but that won't stop me from getting my hands on some of their Valentine's Day products! I've been wanting to try even more of Lush's products such as some massage bars, shampoo and conditioner, even their deodorant. I really love that all their products are cruelty free as well as environmentally friendly.

Doing: lots of room redecorating! At the end of December I became really inspired to change my room a bit. Nothing major mainly some bits and pieces and color scheme. I found myself wanting to be very simple and minimalist from my closet to my bedroom. I can't stand clutter and certain areas in my room would become messy no matter how often I clean it. I was starting to feel that my room had a lot going on and it was beginning to drive me crazy. I just wanted everything out and needed to start fresh. At one point in time I was even considering taking down my Disney gallery which I do really love. I'm a very indecisive person, I knew I loved it but couldn't decide if I wanted to keep it or get rid of it. (I decided to keep it!) I bought some storage containers and stored a whole bunch of Disney items I had displayed on some shelves and drawer units. It's been a bit stressful and overwhelming trying to figure out where I want certain things to go, trying to decided if a certain display looks good or not. Interior is a lot of hard work and I'm not even doing anything drastic. I usually want to get things done and over with as soon as possible but I've been reminding myself to take my time with this. I find myself getting really irritated and changing items on my side table multiple times per day, I am really pleased at how my room is looking. It's making me feel more at peace and I enjoy spending my time in there more. There's a lot more I want to do but one thing I've learned is trial and error will help you achieve what you're looking for along with knowing exactly what you want. The intro photo above is a peek at how my bed now looks and like I said my side table is constantly being changed as of right now haha.

Listening: to Sia, a lot! I don't even have to get into how much I love Sia. I saw her live back in October and I fell in love with her music so much more. She has some of the best music ever. I'm not even sure how to describe the way her music makes me feel. It really touches me and makes me feel so peaceful and at ease. They're so inspiring too. Rudy got me her vinyl 'This Is Acting' for Christmas and that is currently my favorite album of hers. I can listen to it on repeat all day. One specific song of hers at the moment that I can't stop listening to is 'Angel by The Wings'. I love this song so much! Apart from music by Sia these are some other songs I've also really been into; Unsteady by X Ambassadors, All Time Low by Jon Bellion, and lastly Capsized by Frenship and Emily Warren. This song is also a really good one that I can listen to all day.

Feeling: very optimistic for 2017! I'm sure many people can agree that 2016 was a crazy year and for me it ended extremely rough. However I picked myself up and with 2017 being here I have a strong feeling that it is going to be a better year. I have really high hopes for this year already and want to do anything in my power to help make it the best it can be. I have a few goals that I'm really determined to accomplish. With just a few weeks into the year I can proudly say I'm doing really good with my resolutions and am looking forward to see what's up ahead. As far as my blog I've been not so much feeling uninspired but I don't really know where to begin. This currently post is mainly why I made it in the first place because I just don't know what I want to share on my blog right now. Also so you guys can know what I have been up to. I have a list of a lot of post ideas and I just don't know where to begin. I've definitely taken a step back and that's why I haven't shared as much as I used to here but I'm hoping it will soon change. Sometimes a step back and a small break is exactly what you need to help clear your mind and make some room for those creativity juices. When it comes to my blog I definitely like to take my time and not rush things.


  1. I'm so glad you decided to keep your Disney wall its so cute!I also love that picture of your room it looks so cozy. You know sometimes taking a step back really does help, I tend to do that a lot with my posts.

    1. Thank you, I love how my bed turned out. It really is cozy and I love the pillows. I agree I just want to take a step back so that I can really think out some posts and not publish something that I don't 100% like.


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