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New Year, New Me

Happy 2017 everyone! It's a new year and you will all be hearing everyone repeatedly saying; "new year, new me". I know I'm guilty of saying this at least for this year I am, but for many people it's true. One of my new years resolutions from 2016 was to become more dedicated to my blog and this was probably my first new years resolution that I actually accomplished. Now that the new year has begun I want to share this post dedicated to some things that I would love to accomplish in 2017. (My New Years resolution!) That way you guys can call me out if I start to slip on any of these.

Healthy eating is a given. Once the new year begins everyone says they want to start eating healthy and lets not forget about loosing weight. In 2016 I ate the healthiest I ever have in my life and it was surprisingly easy to do. I began cooking at home every single day and also started adding all kinds of vegetables to my diet. I used to never enjoy eating veggies and I now love them. Brussels Sprouts are a favorite of mine. I plan to continue eating healthy and want to try making each meal even more healthier. Also, I want to start adding more fruits to my diet which I already began doing the last week of December. I've been looking up all kinds of new and easy recipes for dinner, snacks, even different types of fruit smoothies that I can't wait to try out.

Saving money! I tell myself every year that I am going to start saving money so that I can buy a home and hopefully move from San Jose. 2016 was a bit of a tough one for me but I have such high hopes for 2017. I am so determined to begin saving money for mine and Rudy's future I even want to start looking for a part time job to help. I'm feeling incredibly optimistic for this new year.

Working out, a lot more. I'm always telling myself to be more active than I am. I try to go on walks with my dogs often (not so often recently due to this cold weather). Most of the time I enjoy going to the mall and I walk for an hour or more. Getting out of the house and going to stores motivates me to keep on moving. I also want to add more workouts to my daily routine that doesn't only consists of walks. I want to get back to lifting some weights to tone my arms again with toning other parts of my body. My goal has never been to get skinny but to be the healthiest I can be. I only have one body and I've been so into taking care of it as much as I possibly can. I also really want to begin going on hikes with Rudy hopefully when it starts to warm up and make it a weekly (or every two weeks...) maybe even a monthly type of thing. I've been really enjoying the outdoors.

More traveling! 2016 was definitely filled with lots and lots of trips, mainly to Disneyland. I've been wanting to visit new places outside of California and I was finally able to do so last year. As you may know Rudy and I went to Seattle in December and it was so much fun. I really want to go again and I also want to visit and explore lots of other new places. I love doing everything with Rudy and it's so much more fun experiencing new things together.

Cruelty free brands only! Last year I slowly made the decision to begin buying from brands that are cruelty free. This year I no longer choose to support companies who test on animals and will only support and buy from the ones who are cruelty free. That means no more L'Oreal, Benefit Cosmetics, MAC, Makeup Forever the list goes on and on. I know this may be really tough to do so but I'm really proud of myself by already cutting ties with a lot of companies. I love my dogs they mean everything to me so I can never ever imagine them being hurt or tested on. All animals are innocent and defenseless. Just because they can't communicate with us with words doesn't mean they don't hurt or feel just like us. If we don't stand up and try to protect them who will? I'm not trying to tell you to make the same decision I made, and if you still choose to support certain brands that is totally fine I won't judge. This is just my choice. This blog actually really helped me a lot with knowing which brands are cruelty free and which ones to avoid. I highly recommend you checking it out.

Wedding planning! I would love it if 2017 will finally be the year that Rudy and I can plan our dream wedding together. In the past I always told myself if I were to get engaged I did not want a long engagement, a year tops. Now that I'm an adult I know things doesn't always go the way we  would like them to and I'm ok with that. I've been loving being engaged to Rudy and enjoying the engaged life. Whenever we do begin to plan our wedding I assume it will become a bit stressful and even hectic at times nonetheless an amazing experience. Us being able to relax and enjoy this time without all that excess stress has really been nice. I have so many ideas for our wedding in my mind, I've even created a few (private) boards on Pinterest to help and it's been so much fun putting all these things together. I think the theme of how I want my wedding to be will surprise a lot of people. I seriously can't wait to make all these ideas come to life, see them all in person, and of course share them with everyone.

Youtube videos? I'm always having friends ask me when am I going to make more videos for Youtube. I've been conflicted with this and keep going back and fourth if I want to start that up again. I started to get some equipments to start filming again and never did. It would be fun to start doing videos again but honestly I just don't know what to film. I love blogging, my blog is my safe zone. I can get on here talk about anything and that's that. Making a video is so different and very intimidating. Once I hit publish it is out there for the world and for people to either enjoy and relate to me or to judge and criticize me. If you guys send me some ideas or requests on what to film maybe that will be a start. Then every once in a while I can film a video while still blogging.

Blog dedication- I know my blog isn't huge or anything and I'm totally fine with that. I've said it many times before at the end of the day this blog is for me. This is where I can look back at everything I've done throughout the months and years, a diary filled of memories. Still I would love to keep it interesting for my readers so I want to also post about things you guys like. I'm always open to suggestions and love hearing what you guys think and would like to see next.  I don't know if I say this enough but if there is anything you guys would specifically like to see me talk about here feel free to let me know in the comments below or even through email. My email information can be found in my contact page. If you guys aren't sending me suggestions and would like to just talk you can always send me an email. I would seriously love to get to know more about my readers since you already know so much about me.

What are some of you new years resolutions?


  1. I like to think New Year, Same me but a better version. I get so excited when I hear you speak about your wedding I can't wait for the day you get married. Thank for sharing that Cruelty-Free blog, I'm really hoping to start using more animal friendly brands.

    1. I wish more companies would become cruelty free and that more influencers would talk more about cruelty free companies. I can't wait for all the wedding planning but I have to admit its a little scary too. I don't even know where to beginšŸ˜³

  2. Please do videos again! I've already been uploading better quality videos for a year and it has truly flown by! At first getting into the swing of things will feel weird again, but you'll ease right in in no time!!!!

    1. Thank you hun, I think 2017 is the year I will make another video. Now I just have to think of what to film!

  3. Please please make videos again! I would love to see a go to makeup routine and make some vlogs?

    1. That sounds like a good one to film. Thanks :)


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