My Typical Monday Morning

Good Morning! I'm always up by 7 am and the first thing I do is take Juicy and Bowie outside to do their business. 
They like to take their time and smell things before they get started. Then we head inside and they get a treat.
Once the pups are satisfied it's my turn to go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and wash my face.
These are the products I'm currently using. I'm trying to use up the Aveeno moisturizer since the brand isn't cruelty free. Once I am all done with it I will begin using some other moisturizers that I have.
Mondays is usually laundry day for me. I washed clothes late last week so I didn't have much to wash today so I began washing my blankets, comforter and changing my bed sheets.
While my blankets were washing I headed out and picked up some coffee from Starbucks down the street. I got my usual of course, venti iced white mocha with five pumps white mocha, five pumps toffee nut and extra ice. (Because it is Monday I added an extra shot of espresso.) Delish!

Once I got back its time for some breakfast. I don't eat the same thing every day it always varies on what I'm in the mood for. Today I had a chocolate chip waffle, not pictured because I forgot to snap a pic.
After breakfast I took a few minutes to relax and cuddle with Juicy while I watched Pitch Perfect. Juicy is such a lazy butt and usually won't get out of bed until 11 am.
When we're done cuddling I made my way to my desk and checked out some blogs. After reading some of my favorite bloggers I begin to work on some of my posts. Here I was working on an outfit of the day post from this weekend. This post should be going up after this one and will probably be up tomorrow.
While I'm waiting for the remainder of my blankets to dry I dusted and cleaned around my room.
I'm debating whether I should do a small room tour since I've been redoing it, it's still not close to being done though. Also I don't think I've ever shared my entire room so I don't know if that would make me feel weird. Let me know what you think?
Finally all blankets are washed, dried and bed is made! Juicy and Bowie love a freshly cleaned bed so they wouldn't allow me to take a photo without them on the bed.
By this time it's already noon, morning is over so that means lunch time. I settled for a bowl of cereal; raisin bran crunch.
Once I'm done with my cereal I'm back in my room to work on this very post while listening to some vinyls. This is one of my favorite things to do, listen to as many vinyls as I can before I have to prep for dinner or something else.

This is what a typical Monday morning looks like for me. It may slightly vary but for the most part it looks just like this. I thought some of you might find this interesting, I know I'm always curious to know little things about peoples personal lives. Let me know if you like these types of post.


  1. Your Mondays seem so relaxing, Awww Juicy and Bowie are such puppy models. I really love how the while marble looks in your room.

    1. They are models when they want to be haha. Thank you I'm really loving the marble!


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