Go-To Outfit Staples

If I'm not wearing a dress or a jumpsuit you'll most likely catch me wearing a pair of denim jeans and a basic tee shirt.  This has been my outfit of choice for the last six months, maybe even more. I realized that I have never shared a post dedicated to this go-to outfit staple and I wanted to do that today. I wanted to share that even some of the most simple pieces you have in your wardrobe you're able to create a fun and easy outfit and that for me is essential.
About two to three years ago you would never find me wearing jeans. I was not a fan at all and I lived and breathed life in leggings. Once I discovered the Rockstar High-Rise super skinny jeans from Old Navy the way I viewed jeans completely changed. These are so comfy and with them being high waisted and all I think they're quite flattering on my figure. They're pretty much all I wear and I'm sure you guys will notice them a lot in pictures on rotation haha. I own a few different styles and colors in this style as well.
Over the last few years, I've tried to become very minimal when it comes to clothing pieces. I also try to buy less clothing with patterns and designs and I gravitate more towards basic pieces and solids way more. Stripes are a pattern I can never get enough of if only you could take a peek into my closet haha. Since investing in more pieces like this I get so much more wear of my clothing and it makes me really happy. I always look forward every time I grab my favorite long-sleeved striped shirt and what could be better than that?

If you guys only knew how often I wear these lovely black slip-on mules. They look great paired with just about everything and anything. They're pretty comfortable considering they don't have much cushion and they're from Target. However, every time I plan on wearing them out I make sure I won't be on my feet hour on end. I love these shoes and I'm always alternating between this black pair and a brown one I own.
I used to own tons of cardigans back in the day. Now I try to invest in ones that will last me years and years to come. I already own a cream-colored one that I absolutely can't get enough of but I was lacking a black one until Target brought out this guy over a month ago. They have been perfect to wear during this Autumn weather since we get that colder weather in the morning and evening time. This is a perfect example of a staple piece of mine.
Well well, there's absolutely no surprise that I have on my Ray-Ban retro round sunglasses. They are literally all I ever wear since owning them. I love the style of it and the round lens but one of my favorite details is the gold frame. I'm all about gold everything if you can't tell. It had also been some time since I've done my favorite milk braid updo and I have a feeling it most definitely will be making a come back. I forgot how easy it makes getting ready in the morning and not having to heat up the curling iron, wait for it to heat up, then curl my hair. Plus anything to give my hair even more of a break from heat products.
Lastly, I wanted to talk a little about the jewelry brand I have been in love with for months now, Made By Mary. My first ever purchase from them was back in April and I bought the September birth flower in Peony. I was obsessed with that necklace, especially since over the last three years peonies has very quickly become one of my favorite flowers. I also love the meaning behind the flower that Made By Mary shares on their website, "Peonies are unique in that a single plant will bloom year after year for over 100 years. Every year, you can trust these beauties will come back in full bloom." Since that first purchase, my collection has grown which I would love to share in a separate post solely dedicated to all my Made By Mary pieces.

That is all for today's post. I'd like to thank you so much for reading and before you go, I would like to hear what are some of your go-to outfit staples that maybe I should know about!


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