Christmas Ornaments

 I'm so excited to begin sharing more festive posts with you guys all month long. If you missed my first Holiday post which consisted of myself and Rudy decoring our house for Christmas click here. Today I'm going to be sharing very anticipated DIY Christmas ornaments! I have been looking forward to doing this DIY post since last December. I thought up this idea at the end of the month so unfortunately, it was too late to try and create it. So, I had this post saved under my drafts list for nearly a year just waiting until this holiday season.

Not going to lie, as soon as November hit it was Christmas in our house. This year Rudy and I want to enjoy Christmas for as long as we possibly can. We have lots planned that I'm hoping we'll be able to accomplish. As I said, I've wanted to DIY my own ornaments and I really wanted to do a mix of gold glitter and flowers. This was a lot of fun and extremely easy to do, especially the ones I added flowers to. Let's just begin!
Some things you will need:
- Clear ornaments (Plastic preferably)
- Glitter (I had a mix of big and smaller confetti-like stars and actual glitter)
- Hot glue gun (Not pictured)
- Fresh or dried flowers/petals (Not pictured, I also used both)
Beginning with our first flower ornament. I started off by very gently folding the flower petals without making any creases and sliding them into the ornaments. I would suggest filling up the ornament with as many petals as you can, I think they look a lot nicer that way.
I did the very same thing with the second flower ornament. I used different color rose petals and afterward, I added some glitter and gold stars to this ornament which you will see a better picture of it down below. I think it gave the ornament that little extra magic it was lacking. It definitely spruced it up.
For the final flower ornament, I used some dried up mini flowers from an old flower bouquet. I really loved how this one turned out, I only wished I had more of the flower to fill up the ornament to the very top. I like the look of a full ornament a lot better, although it still came out beautiful nonetheless.
I was kind of going with the flow and didn't have much of a plan when it came to the rest of the ornaments. I knew I wanted to make some with the gold glitter I got and for the first one, I filled it up with the glitter and shook it around. Most of the glitter stuck to the inside of the ornament and it turned out to be such a simple and pretty gold glitter ornament. I've been debating if I want to go pick up some more ornaments to make more of this guy.
The last ornament I used the hot glue for and I would dab a dot of glue on the ornament and on a paper plate I sprinkled some more of that gold glitter and I would just tap the ornament lightly over top of the glitter cover up the glue. It turned into a clear ornament with gold glitter polka dots. I was pretty pleased with how it came out since I was a little worried it wouldn't work out in my favor.

And we're all done!
What did you think of these DIY ornaments? I know I'm definitely no professional but this was so much to do. Maybe even have an ornament decorating party, that would be so much fun! Which was your favorite ornament?


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