Ornament Haul - 2019

I've mentioned multiple times on my blog that it's become a tradition that every year Rudy and I purchase a new ornament for our tree. From one, two, or a few new ornaments, this is something I look forward to doing every Holiday season. Last year I even created an ornament collection series that consisted of five posts filled with a lot of lovely meaningful ornaments. I was planning on continuing the series throughout this year, but I have decided to change it up a little bit and instead share an ornament haul of all the pieces that I have accumulated so far this year. Without further ado, here are the bunch of ornaments we've collected thus far this year!
I believe it was the day after Halloween I went on one of many Target runs, and to my surprise, a few Christmas decorations were already beginning to arise. I wasn't planning on picking anything up since there wasn't much on the shelves but I came across a shelf filled with these cute whimsical retro-looking deers. They came in a pack of two and also came in three different colors, pink, mint, and blue. I picked up one of the pink deers and one mint. They're so adorable and they remind me a lot of the red and green felt ones I picked up last year. The photo of the mint deer below doesn't grasp its true mint color, unfortunately. It's actually a very true retro mint shade.
The next ornament again I picked up also from Target is the Hot Air Balloon Santa Clause Christmas ornament by Wondershop. You can find a full photo of the ornament at the beginning of this post, and above you can see a close up of the gold and silver details. I didn't have any Santa Clause ornaments in my collection at the time and I fell in love with this one. It's so delicate and magical I just had to have it. It looks so beautiful hanging in the tree.
For the following two ornaments are from Michael's store. I wasn't planning on picking any ornaments up until I found the best selection of their classic ornaments. One of the firsts that I spotted was this pink van with a Christmas tree on top. I've seen tons of ornaments like this ranging from different colored and styles of cars and I was always a fan of then. I never purchased one for who knows what reason, maybe I hadn't found the right one that was my style until this one. I'm obsessed, it's such a cute bubble gum pink that pairs so well with the tree. I also really liked how the string holding the tree is red and white which completely screams candy cane.
If this isn't the most nostalgic ornament I don't know what is. I'm sensing a theme in this year's ornaments, lots of classic whimsical vibes. This classic magic-filled Santa Claus mug with a Christmas tree on top was the second ornament from Michael's. They had this guy and a Rudolf version which was the cutest. I couldn't decide which one to get so Rudy suggested I'd take Santa Clause which I'm happy I did since I already have a few deer ones already hanging in our tree.
If you know me, then you know this is already one of my favorite ornaments. This is the Elf Son Of a Nutcracker! ornament from Hallmark. Saying that I love the movie Elf is an understatement, I'm obsessed with it. I watch it constantly during the Holiday season, and a couple years back you would have occasionally found me watching it all year round. Now I don't even know why it's taken me so long to pick up a Buddy ornament which leaves me a little ashamed of myself. This year Hallmark released this lovely ornament and as soon as I found out I headed to Hallmark to pick it up. One special thing about this piece is that it talks! If you've notice Buddy is a nutcracker in this ornament and there is a lever on his back that you simply lift up and he shouts, "Son of a Nutcracker!". Obsessed!!!
During the visit to Hallmark, I intended to also pick up the newest Harry Potter Weasley's Wizard Wheezes ornament. Ever since picking up the Honeydukes shop ornament last year I decided to continue purchasing a new shop ornament each year. This year featured the joke shop that was created by the Weasley brothers, Fred and George. Unfortunately, Hallmark was sold out of it and a week later Rudy purchased it online. He placed an order, had it delivered to me and it was a complete surprise. I'm loving these Harry Potter shop ornaments more and more. In the back, there are rubber holes where you can insert a lightbulb that's wrapped around your tree. This gives off such a special lighting effect that makes it look like the store is open. How creative.
We've reached the last ornament purchased this season which is this lovely Mr. Chrismtas ornament in white from Target. This tree ornament comes in green as well. I saw it multiple times during my Target runs and every time I skipped purchasing it I'd get home and think about it non-stop. Eventually, I realized I had to buy it or else I'd regret it once it was gone. I loved the white version, the lights on the tree stands out so much more against the white. Originally I had it hanging in the first available spot on my tree, but after a couple of weeks, I moved it around and placed a light bulb inside of the tree to light it up. This made the ornament even more magical since all the lights on the tree and the tree topper are completely lit.
Like always, thank you so very much for joining me in today's post. Merry Christmas to you all and I will see you again real soon!


  1. So many lovely ornaments, I love that little camper van xx



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