A Look Back At 2019!

Happy New Years Eve!

Here we are again, the last day of the year. The older I get time only seems to go by faster and faster. If you've been a reader of mine for some time now then you already knew this post was coming. Today I'm going to bring you along with me as I take a walk down memory lane. Normally, I share highlights from my year, but this year I want to go back and take a look at some of my favorite posts I shared. One for each month or else we'd probably be here for a while.

January - All About My Eyelash Extensions
I was so excited and happy when I first had my eyelash extensions done. It gave me so much more confidence in myself but that wasn't the reason I got them. I've always had very short and thin eyelashes and when doing my makeup I would apply layer after layer of mascara to achieve a fuller look. It made getting ready in the mornings a hassle and took what felt like forever I just wanted to make my morning routines a lot quicker. It's now been well over a year since I first got my lash extensions and it was the best decision I made. I have enjoyed having them and I still get a lot of questions in regards to them. I shared a lot of information and tips in this post. I even answered a lot of FAQs I get about eyelash extensions. I really hope it helped some people that were contemplating whether or not to get them.

FebruaryOur Wedding Photos!
Sharing mine and Rudy's wedding pictures this month was such a big deal. Rudy and I had been married for a year when we had our photos taken by a close friend of mine. Can you believe it, Rudy and I were together for six years at that point and our wedding photos was the first photoshoot we ever had done together? I had received these photos in January and it took me a while to write up the post and share our photos. They will forever be some of my favorite photos of us. I shared so many photos in that post and the location we decided to go take them. Check them out if you haven't already, it's hard for me to choose which ones are my favorite because, in all honesty, they're all my favorite.

March - Updated | Hair Care Routine
I get so many compliments on my hair, sometimes I wonder why. I take such pride in taking care of my hair ever since I completely destroyed it when I was a teenager. I'm always looking for new products that will make my hair look and feel even better than before. Sharing my hair routine has become somewhat of a yearly must-do post of mine. A yearly update of my hair care if you will, and it always amazes me the little changes I make with products. I also recognize the products that I continue to use and repurchase time and time again leading me to realize the products I truly love. As of right now, my hair care routine is kind of the same as it was in this post. Already, I'm looking forward to adding a few new and old products to my routine again.

April - B2 Coffee
This was the year of venturing off and discovering a bunch of new coffee shops! I had so much fun in all of our trips to San Francisco to visit a new coffee shop. This became one of mine and Rudy's favorite thing to do on the weekends. It's been a few months since we've done this but I'm planning on changing that real soon. It's so relaxing to take some time to just sit down in a shop, sip on a latté while enjoying a croissant or avocado toast. This is the perfect chance for Rudy and me to really bond and chit chat about everything.

May - Our New York City Trip!
Rudy and I got to visit New York for the very first time in a very late Honeymoon trip. This was such an amazing trip, and probably the best one we've gone on together. It felt pretty magical being in this famous city we've only ever seen on a screen. We did so much in what felt the short time we were there. So much sightseeing, museum visits and ate such delicious foods. We would love to go back again in the future, this trip really opened my eyes and left me wanting to visit so much more of the world.

June - Peach Picking
I've preached it so many times before about how Rudy and I enjoy going fruit picking. It all started in 2018 and this Summer we finally went peach picking! I love everything and anything peach so this was such a fun day for me. The photos that were captured during this trip are still some of my favorite. I'm thinking back to the peach pie and turnovers I made with all of the peaches that we picked. The fruit picking part is a lot of fun but enjoying the fruits in a baked good is the cherry on top.

July - Summertime Must-Haves
I really enjoy reading and sharing must-haves kind of posts. It's fun to see how things differ from one person to the other. I like sharing them to show items that I'm enjoying and getting a lot of good use out of. This post can also help someone who for example, this summer post I shared the juicy mango lip balm from Glossier. Now someone might have been looking for a good hydrating lip balm and I may have helped them find exactly what they were looking for. Or, maybe they wanted a recommendation of a really good SPF. Who knows, they're a fun post to share and read.

August - La Petite Blue Dress
This Summer I discovered and fell in love with the most perfect dress for those warm days. This year  I've been enjoying Urban Outfitters more than ever before. This dress is so beautiful, I just love everything about it. The style, the open back, the color, the fit! I can't even tell you how many times I've had people tell me how much they loved this dress. I knew I would need to share a post entirely dedicated to this lovely beaut. When wearing it I got Wizard of Oz vibes and I even had people tell me it reminded them of Alice in Wonderland. I'll take that compliment any day. It's a magical dress that makes me feel good when wearing it. More dresses like this, please!

September - Two Years.
Rudy and I celebrated two years of marriage this year. It blows my mind that it has now been over two years since we've been married. It's crazy because it kind of feels like we just got married but at the same time, it feels like forever ago. Marrying Rudy was one of the best things I have done in my life. I can honestly say I don't know where I'd be today if it wasn't for him. This month I shared the photos we had taken in celebration of our anniversary. I know I will probably say this about every shoot we have together, but, I just love the way these photos turned out. The location we went to was so perfect, I love the outfits we each picked out, and what I love most is how genuinely happy we look. I really look forward to doing more photoshoots every year come our anniversary. I'm already trying to come up with some ideas of how I want the next one to look.

October - Annual Pumpkin Patch Post
I cherish traditions and getting to share a trip to the pumpkin patch year after year makes me so happy. I really love the feeling I start to get at the end of September, after my birthday, because that usually means the holiday seasons are among us. It all starts with Halloween! Getting into the spooky mood is so much fun and visiting a pumpkin patch, looking at all the unique pumpkins, and getting tons of fun photos we'll keep forever is a must! The entire lot is filled with happiness with families and children having so much fun. It truly warms my heart getting to experience this time and time again. This is one of the traditions I look forward to doing the most with our future children.

November - My Curated Ear
Getting to share my curated year was such an achievement in my book. If you read this post then you know that I had been wanting to build a curated ear for some time. In June I finally started on my very own collection and I was so excited. Getting piercings is very tedious work because of its healing. Depending on the spot you get pierced it can take months to a year to heal completely. Building my curated ear took some time. I wanted to give my ear a few weeks to a month to heal before adding a new piercing. I started my piercing journey in June and as of right now the last piercing I had done was in October. At the moment I'm taking a break from getting pierced to let all my current piercings heal, but that doesn't mean I'm all done. I have a few piercings I'd like to get but I'm giving myself a couple more months before starting again. I go very into detail in this post and I suggest you take a read.

December - Christmas Tree Farm
December was a month filled with tons of festive holiday posts. It was hard narrowing it down to just one, but I decided on the post where I shared tons of photos of the Christmas tree farm we visited earlier in the month. I can't even describe how magical it felt being on this farm. It didn't really feel like a farm but more like Santa's woods in his backyard haha, minus the snow. I've wanted to visit a place like this for a few years and I'm so thrilled we got to finally check it off the list. I can see coming to a place like this looking for a tree to take home and decorate can be a lot of fun. Even though we didn't buy a tree and only came to visit and capture pictures, we still had so much fun. The photos turned out beautiful.

One last time, I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Thank you for supporting me and my blog, while also taking the time to read my posts. I can't wait for the new year and I'm so excited about all the content I have to share with you in the future.


  1. Such a cute post! I always love reading your at look back at posts. It's so crazy how fast this year came and went. I feels like this year just vanished in a flash. Hope all is well and Happy New Year to you, Rudy, and the pups!

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

  2. You had so many adventures this past year- I love the idea of exploring different coffee shops, that's something I want to start doing too. I hope you had a wonderful New Year xx

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Thank you Diana. Happy New Year to you as well!


  3. Sounds like you had a great year. Lovely pictures.xx



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