A Collective Beauty Haul

Recently I accumulated a few beauty items and I thought it's the perfect time for a mini haul. As you all know I rarely share haul posts since I don't purchase a lot of beauty products at once. I'm thriving with a minimal collection but every once and a while a haul won't hurt. It's a fairly small haul but nonetheless, let's jump right in!

It had been a really long time since I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz pencil and I still had a little bit left from the last time I purchased it. I started using it in with the Glossier brow flick and I just loved the combination of the two. I would usually use a pomade but since switching to a brow pencil it has made doing my eyebrow routine so much faster. I have been a fan of this pencil for years. It has the best long-wearing consistency and I love how fine the tip is which makes perfect for getting that precision.

A few months ago I started switching out my old skincare products to new ones from a different brand. I'm not sure what was going on but my skin wasn't happy. As I was finishing up with my moisturizers I decided to just go back to my tried and true Drunk Elephant moisturizers, Protini and Lala Retro. I was on a Drunk Elephant only routine and my skin was flourishing with that routine. I've been very excited about using these two once again my skin is already doing so much better.

I've been using clean deodorants for a few years now. During a Target trip, I came across this Megababe deodorant and I was intrigued. Normally I purchase my deodorant from Sephora but it would be really great if I end up liking this one more than my Kopari one because it would make purchasing this a lot easier since I make two to three Target runs a week. Don't judge me haha. I haven't used it yet since I'm using up my Kopari one still. I'm also pretty excited about its rosy scent.
Hi, my name is Juliana and I have a red-orange lipstick addiction problem. I rarely purchase makeup and when I do it's usually to restock something I already use. I rarely treat myself to something new and I have had my eye on this Charlotte Tilbury hot lips lipstick in Tell Laura for months! After months of admiring it, I finally decided to splurge and purchase it for me as a little self-love Valentine's Day gift. Its such a beautiful shade and this lipstick is so creamy.

I owned the Lush Cosmetics Prince Charming shower gel about three years ago, and they finally brought it back with their Valentine's Day collection this year. I'm such a huge fan of their body washes and this is definitely a favorite. This is a lovely sweet, but not too sweet, fruity scent. I absolutely love how vibrant this gel is. A few ingredients to this shower gel is, sandalwood oil for moisturizing, geranium oil for toning, and fresh pomegranate juice to brighten the skin.

I've talked about the Glossier brow flick multiple times so there's no secret that this is essential in my eyebrow routine. I like to keep a couple of these stashed away so that I'm never without it and I recently opened up the last of my back up brow flick. I finally got around to order a couple more to have as back up. Seriously you guys, if you haven't tried this it's a must! I can't live without this. It makes it so easy to get that full feathery eyebrow brow look along with filling in any gaps throughout the eyebrow.
What are some beauty products you have recently hauled? Have you tried any of the products I shared in today's post before? If I could recommend you pick up at least one product from here it would be between either of the Drunk Elephants moisturizer or the Glossier brow flick.


  1. I've not tried anything from Drunk Elephant yet but I've heard great things!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Drunk Elephant is such an amazing skin care brand. Thank you for stopping by.



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