Focusing: on myself! Since the year started I told myself I was going to take care of me more. No more stressing about others and pulling myself too thin. This year is all about me and my mental health. I'm a people pleaser and as much as I like to be a good friend to others I need to focus more on myself. If I don't draw up boundaries no one else will. I have allowed myself to keep in touch with a very limited amount of people. I'm keeping people who bring positivity and joy into my life, and also the ones who reach out to me. The ones who keep in touch and checks in on me, and people who truly care for me. I have opened my eyes a lot the last few months and I don't want to waste my time on anyone that looks at our relationship as a convenience. I'm really trying to step out of my comfort zone and stand up for myself and what I need.

Doing: a lot of self-care! I have started making it a weekly thing to pamper myself. This is something I have really grown to enjoy and has helped tremendously! I've been treating myself and my skin to weekly masks. I absolutely love masking and the way they leave my skin feeling. Two of my recent favorite masks have been the Fresh rose face mask and the Lush cup o'coffee mask. Every week I have been treating myself to a new bath bomb and giving myself a bath every weekend. This seriously helps me unwind and really gets me into 'relax mode'. Recently I even shared my pamper routine over on Youtube and it was so much fun to do! Don't forget to check that video out. Also if you aren't following me on there make sure to do so since I plan on filming a lot more this year.

Reminding myself: to take it easy! My mind is usually always on the go go go! It's pretty stressful at times since it tends to make me feel like I don't have enough time in a day for things leaving me overwhelmed. I struggle with this and its something I have to take one day at a time. I try to remind myself that I'm not on any kind of time frame. I still have time and enjoy life. Everything takes time and unfortunately I don't have control over everything haha. That's probably the hardest part, not having control and learning to let go of things. Everything will fall into place it always does. I'm just such a planner so I've been reminding myself to take a step back, take a deep breath in, and enjoy what's right in front of me.

Trying: to stay stress-free! This is such a hard thing to do, well because of life, but here are a few examples of things that have helped keep my mind clear and as stress-free as possible. Spending time with loved ones tends to do the trick. My dogs are the best and quickest way of keeping me distracted. I love spending all my time with them because I love them so much, they're the cutest and give me the best cuddles and kisses. Hiding away in my room while I read a book for a good hour is another way to keep my mind distracted and in another place. Lastly, playing a lovey-dovey movie always gives me a good feeling inside. I've been obsessed with rewatching the movies After and To All The Boys I Loved Before on Netflix! I'm so excited for the next To All The Boys film, but first, I'm forcing myself to finish the book that I've been trying to read for over a year whoops!

Anxious: but excited for the next couple of weeks! Everything I have written above I feel has been a preparation for these weeks to come. I will be on bed rest for a few days next week and I need to try and be as relaxed as I possibly can be. I have been trying to express nothing but positive thoughts and this is the best mindset I have ever been in. I know good things are coming my way and I'm so ready. This will be my year, this will be the year everything changes I'm just so ready to embark on this new journey. Everything is going to work in my favor I know it. I can't express it enough how much I have been manifesting all these good vibes.


  1. look at that little baby!!!!! <3 ahh!!!
    cheers to 2020 being YOUR year!

    1. Thank you Les! I'm obsessed with this picture of the two of us together. This is definitely going to be a good year! ;)



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