My Favorite Jewelry Pieces

In today's post, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite jewelry pieces. For almost a year now my jewelry collection has grown a ton. I never wore necklaces since I no longer owned any. Rings, I wore the same rings all the time, my wedding rings and my favorite moonstone ring. My earrings were never changed out either, same ole same ole. My obsession with jewelry began when I discovered a lovely brand called Made by Mary. Now I know you guys must have already heard about this shop because I talked a lot about them in past posts. The majority of my necklaces are from them and they design each piece to hold a meaningful story that's unique to you. Not all of the pieces will be from Made by Mary, and I will also share a few of my favorite rings and earrings.
I'm going, to begin with, the necklace that started it all. The first necklace I discovered, fell in love with, and ordered from Made by Mary was their birth flower necklace. I ordered the September birth flower, Peony, back in April of 2019. I remember how much I loved it not only because it was the September birth flower specifically for me since I'm a September baby, but because the Peony was my birth flower. Peonies have become my favorite flower over the last few years. As soon as June arrives I begin looking for a bouquet of these beauties all over the place. The month of September is such a special month for me and it's not only because of my birthday, but it is also Rudy's birthday, the month we met, and the month we got married.

If you've noticed I have a small bee disc attached to the necklace, and that's because a few months later I ordered it separately specifically to add it to my peony necklace. This disc is part of their BumbleBee Collection and bees have become an obsession of mine this past summer. I have recently become really attached to them and have found myself relating to them a lot. Bees are fierce, mighty and strong and so am I. I also thought it would look so precious to have a tiny bee flying to my peony, as it would be in a garden. A small reminder that I am tough and I am strong.
Sticking with MBM pieces, the next necklace I use quite often is the Zoe Rectangle necklace. This is one of their customized pieces and I had mine stamped with the design of the moon & stars and for the text, I added my birthday 9.24.88. I consider this to be my magical necklace. I love that it's in the shape of a rectangle because it's different from the other pieces I own. I also really like the image of the stars and moon, it gives me celestial vibes. That is something I really cherish about Made by Mary, all of their pieces are hand-cut, stamped, assembled and personalized just for you. It makes for such a thoughtful gift, and I've already gifted a handful of their pieces to friends and family.
If you like layering necklaces then it's essential to own at least one choker necklace. I own a few but they're cheapy ones from H&M, not the greatest material. One of the nicer ones I own that is made from much better material is the Poppy choker necklace and you guessed it, from MBM. I can probably say this about every single one of their pieces but I absolutely loved the look of this choker. I enjoy adding new pieces to my collection that is different from anything I own, and this is definitely different. I loved this Poppy necklace so much that I had my eye on their Poppy ring version which Rudy got for me to add to my wedding rings stack. I go more into details on that ring in my all about my wedding rings post so check that out if you're interested. This choker is also part of their BumbleBee/#savethebees collection and their poppy collection.
Straying away from MBM for a bit, I wanted to talk about my next necklace. For a while, I had been wanting to add a Libra coin necklace into my collection but could never find the right one. I finally found the perfect one just in time to add it to my Christmas wishlist by Gorjana. Lucky me Rudy went ahead and got it for me and I absolutely love it. I've really been enjoying wearing this lovely gem since I love everything with my zodiac sign on it. This is another piece that feels very magical to me especially with the white opal stone on it.
I talked a lot about earrings in my curated ear post a few months back so I'll spare you guys from hearing me talk about those same pieces. I did want to share one set of earrings that I recently purchased. I felt like my gallery of jewels was lacking hoops. Once I found these Shooting Star Open Hoop earrings from Maison Miru I knew it would fit in perfectly with the earrings I already had in my ears. These earrings are so cool and obviously very different from any of the ones I already owned. They fit the style I have going on which is somewhat celestial. I love how quick and easy they are to put on, and they're absolutely stunning!
Let's talk about rings for a minute. Clearly, my accessory collection has grown a ton and I can't neglect rings. I'm a lot pickier when it comes to rings just because I do have finger tattoos and finding the right size is difficult for me especially when purchasing them online. When shopping at Mujuri I came across the Honey ring that has a sweet lovely bee on it. The style of this ring is so elegant. Again, it's a bee piece and it means a lot to me, it is also unique to my collection. I absolutely love wearing it out because of its simple and dainty style. I also find it looks best when I wear it on my middle finger.
The latest necklace in my collection was one that Rudy recently got me for Valentine's Day. It's the MBM Moonstone necklace also from the #savethebees collection. I already own a ring that contains a moonstone and I absolutely adore it. The moonstone is a symbol of powerful feminine energy along with balancing the female hormones. It also promotes intuition, creativity, and fertility while bringing peace and tranquility. I've had my eye on this necklace for a few months now and I'm so happy that Rudy picked this up for me to have just in time of a personal procedure we have in a couple of weeks. This is one of the most meaningful pieces I own.

What are your thoughts about the jewelry pieces I own? Are you familiar with any of these brands? Do you have some favorite jewelry? I would love to hear about them. 


  1. These are so beautiufl pieces, especially the flower necklace . Happy Monday Juliana. xx

    1. Thank you very much Nina, I'm so glad you enjoyed this post.


  2. So many cute pieces! The Honey Bee ring and the Moonstone necklace are my favorite, so beautiful and unique!

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. Thanks Imelda! I absolutely love those two pieces. I can't wait to start wearing the moonstone necklace.



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