Happy Who-Bilation! If you read my Holiday at Universal Studios post then you already knew this post was coming. A couple of weekends ago Rudy and I went to Universal Studios to celebrate the Holiday's a little bit early. During the Christmas season, Universal Studios goes all out and welcomes you to join them in Whoville to celebrate Grinchmas! Yup, during the Holiday season for a limited time you can visit Whoville and meet none other than the Grinch himself and let me tell you I was all about this! I don't think I've ever expressed my love for the Grinch, so let me fill you all in. Ever since the Jim Carrey version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas came out I watch the movie non-stop throughout the season. (And well sometimes in the spring, summer, oh heck even in fall.) I love this movie! It has been a tradition of mine to have this movie playing as I decorate our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. It's crazy to think that Rudy and I have never gone to Universal Studios during the Holidays to go meet the Grinch, it's because we're usually over at Disneyland celebrating. This year we agreed that we would finally make dreams come true and visit the big man himself, no not Santa. Now without further ado, I am going to share with you all my little trip to Whoville!

As soon as we walked into Whoville my jaw was down to the ground the entire time. It was seriously a fangirl's dream come true! I was so excited to see everything from the actual cars that they used in the movie, all of the extravagant decorations, and the famous and beautiful 65-foot tree! I was like a kid inside of a candy store I couldn't contain my happiness. I was so excited when we got to meet Max! He was so sweet and so cute, I mean check out that photo!
I even got to meet the Mayor of Whoville! Not my most favorite person but I had to get a picture with him. I see you, Mr. Mayor, bullying the Grinch! Not cool. Also, ignore my funny face the sun was hitting me directly in the eyes, ugh.
This area smelled of gingerbread. It was so good and made me a little hungry for some gingerbread cookies. My favorite for the Holidays.
This is the Whoville Postoffice. Here you can write letters to send to the Grinch!
I absolutely loved that throughout Whoville you will see tons of different Who's walking around. Here is the Mayor once again, I think he just loves attention, and the Whoville Baker. Once in a while, a News Reporter would come out along with, football players, dancers and even Martha May Who-vier. She does a little performance on stage with the Who-dolls.
We arrived at the park upon opening and as soon as we got to Whoville the line for the Grinch was at a 70-minute wait. Rudy and I decided to walk around and take pictures with other characters and visit different areas in the park in hopes that the line would die down. Well, it didn't. When we came back the wait was at 90-minutes so we finally decided to wait and get that out of the way. Luckily, the time went by pretty quick and before I knew it I was in the presence of The Grinch! He was so much fun. I enjoy taking photos of my left side and when I asked him if I could stand on that side he responded with, "Why is that your good side?" Haha, he kept talking to Rudy too and once we got our photos taken Rudy told me that he was whispering to him if I was getting jealous because he was talking to Rudy and not me. Rudy told him, yeah she definitely is and he got excited. 
Immediately after meeting the Grinch we ran into Cindy Lou Who! It was absolutely perfect. Cindy Lou is so sweet and so freaking adorable. She was telling me how it smelled like gingerbread cookies and she really liked my red nails. She added that they matched my lipstick, even her nails, and dress too. Her outfit was pure perfection, I was bummed they didn't have a clothing store in Whoville because I would have been in line waiting to purchase her outfit. I mean look at her shoes!
The following photos are technically from Whoville, but it can be spotted during the Hollywood Tour. This is parts of the actual set from where they filmed the movie but I wanted to include it in this post since it clearly is all about Whoville. I really do wish they had this area open to the public and held all of the Who-Bilation festivities here. It would have been the perfect location to do so.
Then at night time, we got to see the tree lighting ceremony. It was super cute, they had a little show just before lighting the tree which was a lot of fun. The Grinch comes out and along with Martha May, Cindy Lou and the Mayor and they explain to the Grinch that Christmas came regardless of his plot to ruin it. Then once the Grinch realized that Christmas wasn't about all the gifts and trees and his heart grew three sizes, he is asked to light the tree. It was so beautiful and it even began to snow.
I really hope you enjoyed today's post. It truly was a dream come true visiting Whoville along with meeting the Grinch. Are you a fan of the Grinch? Until next time, Happy Who-Bilation!


  1. I was SHOOK! I can't believe Max is REAL! He's a real boy! I love the story of you meeting the Grinch that's so cute! This is by far my favorite post, so many magical photos!

    Happy Whobilation!
    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. Thank you Imelda! Right? I freaked out and was so excited Max was an actual dog and kept telling Rudy omg he's real omg he's real! It was such a fun experience I'd love to do it again.



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